Daily Mail Article and Video Response

Newest hit piece but this one was kinda fun 🙂


And my video response/rant:

29 thoughts on “Daily Mail Article and Video Response

  1. The article isn’t journalism, and the Mail readers are the equivalent of children reading a comic. Keeps em quiet you might say… better still, distracted.
    If they had any real argument they would attack one issue at a time, instead they lump a large handful of vaguely related topics, stick the word ‘fake’ in front and sit back and watch the kids in the comments slug it out. What passes for a referenced source these days is a soundbite from circular self referencing networks, none of whom have done any real esoteric work investigating academically or on themselves.
    As you say, free advertising… When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You may just have appeared to many sick lambs who didn’t realise they ARE LIONS!!!

    • Gelko says:

      Awesome response video! You’re the best Mikhaila !

      That daily mail, whoever wrote it is extremely close-minded and dumb and super ignorant!

      There is real Science and truth out there, just it’s been hidden away from us! Now that the truth is surfacing, looks like somebody up there needs a box of daipers =)

  2. popularity contest in middle of nowhere says:

    She’s got 31 posts to show how popular she has become! Let’s see how many fan posts will get deleted by Mikhaila fans by tomorrow!

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