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This post was written by Tracy Lynn. Please update us! Hope everything is going well! If you’re still super thirsty at night, try cutting back on the salt.

“I am a 44 year old woman. I have never had an issue with weight and am taking on this WOE for specific health issues that have derailed my life….which I believe come down to the gut. I have literally SUFFERED since I was about 18 or 19 with chronic daily painful IBS and the complete inability to have regular (or any BM’s) at all regardless of what I ate. This made me extremely/overly conscious of everything I ate and from that young age, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food based on what I “could” and “couldn’t” eat…. my safe foods weren’t even safe for me. If anything at all they didn’t hurt me further but they certainly didn’t help either.

Throughout the years I have done hundreds of cleanses, coffee enemas, colonics, and supplements.


I always ate a clean diet and went organic as much as possible. I have actually always been a fan of the keto and paleo diets but even those didn’t make a dent. All the vegetables sent me to bed at the end of the day with a bloated belly and feeling waterlogged.

I have Hashimoto’s likely due to chronic stress from years running my own business for 15 years and being unhappy with the work I do, leaving an abusive marriage, over exercising (running/training, etc.) and clearly not eating the proper diet to heal my gut. Four years ago I experienced perioral dermatitis and although that resolved itself, I still battle dry skin and when I break out, it can take WEEKS to heal. I also have had on and off amenorrhea which started around the same time my digestive stuff started which was when I started to have sensitive skin. I know it’s connected.

I have a lot of anxiety as well and I simply never just feel “right.” I never feel refreshed and pumped up.


Although I am only on day 3 of my experience, I literally have no bloating. I never realized by displacing all the veggies I eat how much meat this body can eat….and can actually love. I, in just 3 days, feel a sense of calm. Must be all the B vitamins. I have not noticed a big difference yet in my digestion in terms of elimination but I also don’t have the debilitating bloating.

My sleep has been deeper the past few nights, however, I’m waking up really thirsty. Not sure why…. I salt but I don’t over salt

My skin seems to be less inflamed and seems to be evening out.

I am still taking some supplements to help with the anxiety (Dr. Berg’s Adrenal/Cortisol Formula) and I do take sublingual CBD oil.

I’m not hungry between my meals. I only eat twice a day.

At first, it was my intention to go for a week. But I really think I need to give it a month.
It will make this transition in my life so much easier if I go longer so I don’t question the process.
Ironically I’m not even missing the vegetables but I do think I would like to bring back a few green veggies like asparagus, broccoli, and zucchini….NO SALADS….they kill me (apparently.)

I basically started this as an antihistamine diet and opted to just go all in.

Anyway, it’s very early in and I’m feeling relaxed which is huge….. so I will send a follow in a month.

Thank you for setting up this platform for all of us….. it’s a blessing.

Tracy Lynn”

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  1. Just watching the Joe Rogan interview… did you look into the harm fluoridated water does to your body? recommended read: The fluoride deception – christopher bryson 2004 … toronto, like halifax – where i used to live, along with ottawa are all shitty fluoridated water supplies… I suggest a fluoridation reaction in your case looking at your early onset of problems .. its a neurotoxin.. see the harvard studies on this

  2. John says:

    HI Mikhaila,
    I saw you on the Joe Rogan show. You mentioned that you were interested in a website but someone had your biz name already and wanted too much. I sent you a couple of message already with no response. I have a domain you may be interested in. Would you be interested in purchasing ? Let me know before I place on auction. Thanks

  3. Saskia says:

    I too was suffering from perioral dermatitis but with the meat diet plus dropping fluoride from the toothpaste and using ONLY the soap, hair care products and toothpaste recommended by Mikhaila my skin has completely cleared up after 3 months. As for my face, I don’t wash it other than with water. An additional key problem it turns out was also steroids in the hydrocortisone cream prescribed by a doctor plus in my asthma inhaler. I’ve gone ‘cold turkey’ on all these chemicals and it worked. There’s also a new book called “Beyond Soap” by a Toronto dermatologist that is basically the paleo skin regime that is worth reading.

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