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Hey Everyone,

If anyone is interested, there’s a Health Hacker’s online event that has free access to a number of interesting speakers. Basically, it’s online talks with a lot of different alternative health individuals. I kind of hate that it’s called alternative health…

Anyway, if you want to learn a lot in a short period of time it might be worth listening to. The talks will be available starting November 26th-December 8th then you have to pay for them. They’re speaking about longevity, autoimmune health, fasting, sleep, hormones, pregnancy, etc. I got interviewed by one of the lovely people running it so I figured I’d put up the links.

There’s something called The Superhuman Brain Masterclass which might be interesting. I’m going to listen to this one.

There’s a Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit which also might be cool… I feel like I’ve got the whole motherhood thing nailed so I probably won’t listen to this one (Scarlett waves goodnight to me when I put her in her crib and then she sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am – BOOM NAILED IT)

(I will update the blog on the Biohacker event I went to as well (at some point when I have a moment to spare. Things are somehow just getting busier and busier and busier. I didn’t know I could get busier.))

So sign up if you’re interested, and get access to experts speak about health! I will probably tune into a few of them.  (Or you could just do what I do and switch over to eating all beef and stop worrying about it   🙂

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  1. Dear Mikhaila! I’ve been doing keto long term and some prolonged fasting, seen great result on many fronts but certain annoying health issues have persited. Decided to give beef a go and perhaps reintroduce foods slowly after a few weeks to try and determine more precisely what’s problematic for me. Are you currently supplementing with any minerals or vitamins? Do you think they are necesary if one decides to follow this way of eating longterm?
    Oh and…Thank you so much for this blog! Your courage and tenacity will renew hope and inspire many sick people to fight once again for their health. Most importantly – it will provide a sound and simple starting point, much needed strategy and community. I tip my hat to you! :-))

  2. Aspiring Mother says:

    “Scarlett waves goodnight to me when I put her in her crib and then she sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am”

    I know you already touched on this previously, but please do share more information HOW you accomplished this, or a link to the methods you used?

  3. Recycle repeat says:

    What can we possibly say Mickyhail, The newness of it all seems so… new.

    “Human Potential Medicine (HPM) is a new field of medicine that represents a paradigm shift to a new utopian vision.”

    A very humorous blurb taken from the direction of your pointer.

    • Before we evolved enough to become hunter/gather’s our diet was strictly meat so there is nothing new about it. Look in the mirror and if you have any teeth you will see what is called canine teeth (cuspids). They are for biting flesh which 30,000 years ago is all that was on the menu except the occasional fruits or berries. Biological history is not a “paradigm” shift or a new field of medicine it is the histoy of man.

  4. Josh says:

    Mikhaila, your interview is now on YouTube! =)

    BTW, I’m pretty sure most of these nonsensical comments are bots. I’m a web designer & happy to chat via Email or Skype if you’re interested in a free consult regarding all things web design. Just reply to this comment and which channel you prefer to be contacted on if interested.

  5. Leander Keim says:

    Hello Mikhalia,
    Just out of curiosity – is there anyone who has tried this carnivore diet on fish only? I am using beef but I have to say I loath meat in general except for fish and wild game such as venison etc. I don’t take easily to beef, pork and domestic animals. I have been waiting to hear more about fish. Anyone??

  6. I watched the interview with Joe Rogan where you explained your condition. Your youth must have been horrible. I counsel homeless veterans suffering with PTSD and their stories makes my heart hurt. It’s sad that you are trying to do a good thing and these people on the lower end of the intellectual spectrum with their envious comments are not worth your reply. Your word and the word of your father (the most well known intellectual in the world today) are good enough for me. I was hit by a car Christmas night of 1973 and suffered agonizing pain for 40 years until the pain nerves burned out so I do understand some of it. I am glad you finally found something that works and keep promoting it no matter what the children say. I pray your health holds out for another 80 years. (PS) Tell your father thank you for the signed book. I read it to my grandchildren everynight. Charles M Boles, Minister & Christian Counselor. Peace & Blessings


      Boles, sorry you have confused obvious frustration with a nonexistent ‘envy’. I actually don’t feel anything at all regarding ‘Michaila’, I don’t know her. If there is any emotion at all is is in regards to the information she promotes and the way it is being promoted. I have no desire to silence her information either nor would I if it were possible.

      The frustration is based on the obvious, that people aren’t this stupid. Why is someone such as myself with an IQ at the “lower end of the intellectual spectrum” but not intellectuals such as yourself able to point at the blatantly obvious? I don’t default to an automatic assumption that you are stupid. My hope is that you possibly see it too but for some reason have erected a mental block unintentionally against acknowledging what you are observing.

      • Before we evolved enough to become hunter/gather’s our diet was strictly meat so there is nothing new about it. Look in the mirror and if you have any teeth you will see what is called canine teeth (cuspids). They are for biting flesh which 30,000 years ago is all that was on the menu except the occasional fruits or berries. Biological history is not a “paradigm” shift or a new field of medicine it is the histoy of man. I am a professional researcher, 50 year theologian, electronics technician and have at least a dozen degrees. Try opening your mind to the fact that not everything is a method of removing your hard earned money from your pocket (unless you work for the government). What did we eat before we learned to cultivate crops 30,000 to 100,000 years ago? Meat

        • evolution of spiritual cannibalism says:

          You are kidding? THE history of man? You already had me fully convinced with your dentistry knowledge. But then crush that naive seed of trustful hope by sowing seeds of doubt alongside by dropping the Atom bomb memo, that you possess an official copy of The History of Man.

          I respect your professed credentials and have no purpose to assume what you say is otherwise. My mind is very much in the open conformation, as well as being somewhat pruned. I will not be washing that overgrown foliage any time soon in accordance to Peterson’s cleaning specifications.

          • I have no copy of the history of man but history as well as we can know it implies with almost certain factual agreements that my comment is true to the best of our abilities to know that what I said is correct. I stand by my statement

  7. Marie Cahill says:

    Thanks for posting this! The Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit looks great! Thanks again, keep up the good and honest work you are doing. You are clearly helping a lot of people to live happier lives. Well Done. 🙂

  8. Meat Hook says:

    Anyone else here mildly disappointed that the Peterson twelve step program did not include a 13th bonus step involving authentic processing of mammal meats?

  9. Considering they are two different subjects it’s illogical that they would be in the same book. I am hoping Mikhaila writes her own book on diet. The old saying “You are what you eat” is very true and for her condition I know she is not the only person who would benefit from it. In case you doubt it there are numerous Facebook pages and blogs on carnivore diets. Try education before condemnation.

    • Gravity says:

      “Try education before condemnation.”

      Ok is good advice.

      I like you. You most likely have many valuable stories and lessons to share considering the duration of experience and number of degrees you have accumulated.

      No claims were made to be any sort of ‘expert’ or authority on this Meat Only diet, much like Mikhaila I do not have any degrees associated with officialdom or permission to speak freely on the matter of giving health or dietary advice.

      A communication problem mistaken as Condemnation maybe?

      I’m fairly confident that the Literal Meat-only diet does deserve its share of ridicule to put it into a proper perspective, that is, unless of course this ‘meat-only’ diet also includes discrete doses of injected cloned stem cell therapies on the side.. and therapies that actually work too without causing unwanted malignancies. Technically that too would still be inclusive to an All Meat diet.

      I could make dozens of wild uneducated guesses and theories; claims such as a fasting-style of ketogenic diet could be enough to naturally stimulate the increase of the body’s healthy stem cell populations. Perhaps a reduction in thyroid hormone activity might also provide an immune suppressive role as well. Maybe her theory that certain foods might play a unique role specific to her body by inhibiting her stem cells function in the process of healthy joint maintenance and repair. Speculations galore, etc. I suppose It depends on whatever it is precisely talking about.

      • Google all meat diets and you will find people that have been on them 20 plus years. I do not know about other diets because I wear the same clothes I did in high school so I did research when I first heard about this and it’s not new. As I said before at one time we were only meat eaters with the exception of occasional fruits, berries, etc we found in the wild so it does not seem that far out to me. I do know pure sugar should be listed as a drug.

        • epitaph says:

          I’m uncertain as to whether we are discussing the same penal colony.

          The nuts and bolts of a Literal meat diet, science and nutrition are interesting to speculate about until the cows come home. An epitaph.

          I can appreciate the strategic desire to simplify. Curiosity has definitely butchered my cat.

  10. Ann says:

    Love your blog and also the info you pass on. Got any pathways/info available for female middle age issues – like the onset of coronary heart disease. It’s the No. 1 killer of women over the age of 55. Happens suddenly – even if you’ve no high blood pressure, no high cholestorol etc.

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