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Hey Everyone,

If anyone is interested, there’s a Health Hacker’s online event that has free access to a number of interesting speakers. Basically, it’s online talks with a lot of different alternative health individuals. I kind of hate that it’s called alternative health…

Anyway, if you want to learn a lot in a short period of time it might be worth listening to. The talks will be available starting November 26th-December 8th then you have to pay for them. They’re speaking about longevity, autoimmune health, fasting, sleep, hormones, pregnancy, etc. I got interviewed by one of the lovely people running it so I figured I’d put up the links.

There’s something called The Superhuman Brain Masterclass which might be interesting. I’m going to listen to this one.

There’s a Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit which also might be cool… I feel like I’ve got the whole motherhood thing nailed so I probably won’t listen to this one (Scarlett waves goodnight to me when I put her in her crib and then she sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am – BOOM NAILED IT)

(I will update the blog on the Biohacker event I went to as well (at some point when I have a moment to spare. Things are somehow just getting busier and busier and busier. I didn’t know I could get busier.))

So sign up if you’re interested, and get access to experts speak about health! I will probably tune into a few of them.  (Or you could just do what I do and switch over to eating all beef and stop worrying about it   🙂

33 thoughts on “Health Hacker F(x)

  1. Miriam says:

    What is your advice for someone who can’t drop carbs without getting really ill? I’ve tried keto and carnivore about 5 times now. This last time I made it to day 5 on keto before getting extremely ill (shaking, couldn’t move) and I know I was eating enough fat and electrolytes. I am so interested in carnivore/keto and think it’s very healthy. It is possible that I have an issue in my fatty acid oxidation process and my body doesn’t have the enzymes to convert fat to energy.

    • Chowdury toast pans says:

      Shaking might be a bad sign. I hope you do not become really ill.

      You have tried 5 times. But you have an issue in fatty acid oxidation process and your body doesn’t have the enzymes to convert fat to energy.

      I guess this is it then.

  2. allan says:

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