Butcher Box – Beef Delivery Service for the States

Butcher Box codes!!!

If you’re in the States (sorry fellow Canadians), there’s a great service called Butcher Box. I tried it when I was down there. There seems to be a Butcher Box service in Canada too which I will try out and post about soon.

Here’s some info on Butcher Box in the States:

100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork, raised free from antibiotic and hormones.

Now, like I’ve said, I don’t seem to have an autoimmune response from antibiotics and hormones, or from grain fed cows, but this is a sustainable way to buy meat and I love it.

It’s also decent way to save money (unless you can get a deep freeze and buy 1/2 a cow which is the cheapest way to go about this diet!)

If you guys go to butcherbox.com/mikhailapeterson you get two free ribeye plus 10$ off when you sign up. You also get bacon but if you’re on the all beef diet, don’t eat the bacon. You can cancel anytime so it’s definitely worth the free ribeye!! Let me know what you guys think.

38 thoughts on “Butcher Box – Beef Delivery Service for the States

  1. CU says:

    I thought bacon was okay on the carny diet? I’ve been doing carny for just over a month but I do eat bacon; not a lot but once or twice a week. I’m sitting here eating my ground beef from butcher box. It’s okay. After 2 months of Butcher Box, I cancelled. I got the all beef option on my first month. They send me a butt load of sirloin steak. Yuk-tough meat. There were a few new yorks which were hard to distinguish from the sirloin. So I switched my second box to ribeyes and new yorks. I was excited to taste the ribbie. Sorry to say it was the worst ribeye I’ve ever eaten. Zero taste. It’s hard to distinguish between their sirloin, new yorks and ribeyes….I got some ground pork and almost heaved when I tried to eat it.(smell). I look forward to finding another grass few co. Costco actually sells some grass-fed online and they’re not great, but better than BB. I love both Mikhaila and Jordan and this is not a bash on them. I originally heard about BB from Joe Rogan; I wish his blog was active because I’d like to tell the peeps my experience with BB. Joe must be getting free stuff or he likes the taste of cardboard. Come correct Joe! I will say that the BB bacon is the best I’ve ever had…I will miss the bacon. Now I’m on the search for bear lard!

    • I thought their ribeye was good! I haven’t tried sirloin because I don’t really like it. Bacon is totally okay if you can tolerate pork, and as long as it doesn’t have preservatives and sugar. I just don’t eat pork.

  2. Carneveggies says:

    Why can’t I order a live grass fed chicken? You can use the grass as padding in the box and ship the chicken in so it doesn’t get injured and has plenty to eat.

  3. Ahmed Khan says:

    Are you doing ok Mikhaila? I’m hoping your “personal life drama” isn’t affecting your family in a negative way. Best regards.

  4. Rebecca W. says:

    Hi, Everyone!
    Thanks for the BB recommendation, Mikhaila. I’ve been wanting to try BB for several months but haven’t yet since I live in an area with lots of grass fed and grass finished local beef. I’m in Washington state and it’s everywhere. But, I often tend to avoid shopping since getting sick and I end up running out of food. Not good. I’m gonna give BB a try.

    There’s definitely a learning curve in regards to preparation/cooking when switching from conventional beef to grass fed and finished. I’m still learning after 4 months. The taste and texture differences are notable to me. I tried grass fed/ finished liver the other day. No reaction but, ugh! I couldn’t get past the taste.

    Ground beef was easy for me to master 🤓 but not steak or roast. You know what helped me? I invested in a sous vide machine. It was a little over $100 on Amazon and it’s an Anova. It helps the texture IMO and it’s worth it to me. Since I can’t use seasoning (yay, great) I have to get creative with preparation. I’d love to hear what others are doing with prep.

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and you family, Mikhaila.

  5. Meat Heals says:

    How is your husband doing on the diet? Has he gone carnivore? I remember you saying he isn’t as sensitive as you or your father – was wondering if he’s still tolerating veggies.

  6. Reckoning of Man says:

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