Butcher Box – Beef Delivery Service for the States

Butcher Box codes!!!

If you’re in the States (sorry fellow Canadians), there’s a great service called Butcher Box. I tried it when I was down there. There seems to be a Butcher Box service in Canada too which I will try out and post about soon.

Here’s some info on Butcher Box in the States:

100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork, raised free from antibiotic and hormones.

Now, like I’ve said, I don’t seem to have an autoimmune response from antibiotics and hormones, or from grain fed cows, but this is a sustainable way to buy meat and I love it.

It’s also decent way to save money (unless you can get a deep freeze and buy 1/2 a cow which is the cheapest way to go about this diet!)

If you guys go to butcherbox.com/mikhailapeterson you get two free ribeye plus 10$ off when you sign up. You also get bacon but if you’re on the all beef diet, don’t eat the bacon. You can cancel anytime so it’s definitely worth the free ribeye!! Let me know what you guys think.

38 thoughts on “Butcher Box – Beef Delivery Service for the States

  1. Random question is it ok to eat the A1 sauce with steak? Here are the ingredients: tomato purée, raisin paste, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, crushed orange purée, dried garlic and onions, spice, celery seed, caramel color, and xanthan gum.

    • Nooope. Sorry dude. Cut it until your symptoms go away then bring it back (if you want to test it out). Use salt instead. There are a lot of problematic ingredients there. One being corn syrup but the other ones aren’t great either.

      • Durden says:

        PeDERsons sells bacons at pedersonsfarms.com
        I don’t know if Nimans bacon is a more efficient cure for chancre, which I have tried to quit 5 times using the twelve step program for managing micropenis syndrome and to find a higher power, which is the Power of Meat.

        My likes include bacons, salts, salty tallow, observing meat holidays, sugar free ketchups and Azns (strictly as platonic masculine role models). My dislike includes any form of racism directed toward Azn. My sole weakness is a blind hatred for Puppies. I admire Azns most for being true Azn and for culinary skill in dog food preparation, boiled dog meat hanging in the window combined with the fresh smell of Jasmine is the closest I can be to the 4realz. My greatest fear is Azns losing their Azn-ness and getting lost while 4 wheeling.

        If I could have one wish to solve world peace, it would be that Azns left alone and not judged for eating wrongmeats.

  2. Fighting Against PREJUDICE says:

    Bushmeats are perfectly safe long as you cook them thoroughly. This is true for any boxed meats no matter how tubercular or infested with maggots they become. Meat is certainly safer than vegetable which cause explosive diarrhea and tropical parasite!

  3. Scavenger Diet says:

    This ‘Carnivore Diet’ is misleading. True carnivores eat the LIVE meat as it squeals. Scavengers eat the dead chunks that come in boxes. Vulture diet is a suitable name.

    • Ronny MacDonald says:

      Be open minded. The dead meat is full of LIVING probiotics which count as living meats. All you need is to look at it from a different perspective.

  4. i Kosher rap music says:

    Order up some crispry fried tallow fed pork-in-a-box and observe cool humanzee pig cells under the microscope. If Gardisil is too slow to sterilize maybe is time for big business to invest in male birth control.

  5. Marissa says:

    We’ve tried it. We liked it, however several, 6 to be exact, packages of beef and chicken had holes in them which obviously caused them to go bad and leak all over the fridge while they were thawing out. Kind of bummed about it, but the company is aware it’s an issue and said they’re trying to fix the problem.

  6. philip kent says:

    I shouldnt have reached out Mikhaila. Too tough to watch you struggle. This is an easy fix, but you’re trying to be your own doctor. You found a great route to diet for your particular case, but are very far from the answers you need to heal. Tough to watch. I’ve gotta just let this go!!

    • Peeen says:

      What’s wrong now, she just posted having good results on her diet. Is it the autoimmune condition?

      She doesn’t seem talk much about her experience using the Biologicals for her arthritis, although she is lucky to have found a cheaper perhaps better way to treat the condition using meat and avoiding sulfite.

  7. Jentan Seekree says:

    It might be interesting for you to look up Medical Medium. The diet he recommends is very similar. His thesis is that our livers are not processing toxins properly and are finding it difficult to function. He also says that all of us have a heavy metal toxicity problem. The third thing he says is that the ‘autoimmune’ illness is actually a virus. We all….95 per cent of us…. have an Ebv virus in our bodies as the virus does not go and people who have inflammatory disorders actually have a flare up of the virus.
    Well worth reading…. if you check research around this area there is much of interest.

    Very best wishes


  8. Elliot Yoo says:

    Question! Are you still using the DIY toothpaste formula you posted about last year? 2 tablespoons baking soda, 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 15+ drops of peppermint oil?

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