October Update All Beef Diet and Life

Hi Everyone!

Sorry about the incredibly long silence. I’m going through some personal life drama (nothing health related) and I’ve been incredibly busy. I’ll update everyone on that later.

All beef diet is still going strong! I am still alive and thriving. I will not have radio silence again for this long, and I am going to start a YouTube Channel in November! Stay tuned.

Here are some quick updates (pepper reaction and baby update):

Pepper reaction early August: I went out to eat and had pepper accidentally in August. Five days before the podcast with Rogan. I hardly had any pepper, just a bit. I freaked out as soon as I noticed, and left the restaurant and went home and stressed out. Had a bunch of activated charcoal, prayed to the autoimmune gods, almost cried, etc. I didn’t get away with it, I did react to pepper. It was MINOR in comparison to reintroducing a food and what used to happen, but I did react. I had body odour for about 2 weeks, and a tiny bit of brain fog. It was hardly noticeable really. Well, the BO was. But not the rest of the autoimmune stuff. My knee hurt one day and my big toe and that was basically it. Almost. It was a breeze for a reaction, but what did happen was I got a rash/breakout! I’m 99% sure it was pepper related because my skin never breaks out. I had something that looked like a keto rash all over my shoulders and back a week after pepper. I took some pictures but it was way worse in person. And itchy… It usually takes about a week for the reaction to hit my skin and boy did it. There are still marks but they’re finally fading now. It’s been 7 weeks since the pepper. So yeah, pepper is a no. But the good news is it wasn’t a disaster at all, other than my skin. Easy peasy for a reaction.

On my right shoulder was the worst. The pictures don’t do it justice. It was really noticeable in person. I had a spot on my chin breakout, my neck, and then this strange rash on my shoulders.
Sorry for the shitty photos but c’est la vie. These two last photos are recent. It’s taken forever for the marks to go away.

Breastfeeding and weaning and baby:  I stopped breastfeeding August 27th right before the Joe Rogan podcast. It was bittersweet. Scarlett had naturally weaned herself down to just nursing at night, and she was only drinking about an oz. I nursed one day and she immediately threw it up. She never spits up food, but she’d spit up my milk. I didn’t think this was a particularly good time, and it was kind of upsetting. I’m wondering if my immune system is so sensitive that it was bugging her. Who knows. Mom worries. Anyway, weaning was a breeze. I had read about women getting sore boobs and the horrors of stopping breastfeeding but it was easy. I didn’t even notice. Except now I have no boobs again… Throughout my teenage years, I always consoled myself about my lack of boobs by thinking, “at least once I have kids I’ll have them!” WRONG. They’re back to normal.  Literally, it looks like nothing happened (so it could be worse).

Scarlett now sleeps through the night! So that’s HUGE. We crib trained. Crib training was stressful. We did the cry it out method. It sucked. She screamed for 1.5 hours the first night. One hour the second night, 30 minutes the 3rd night, and 5 minutes the fourth night. Now it’s a couple of whimpers and she’s out. Should’ve crib trained wayyyy long ago.

J Peterson update: Dad is still going strong on beef. He reintroduced chicken and thinks it went well, but then he ate some chicken at a friends house that was marinated and had a reaction. It wasn’t even marinated with anything crazy. Garlic, spices, no sugar or anything. The reaction was pretty unpleasant but again, nothing like the reactions that used to happen when we were eating vegetables. He was incredibly anxious in the mornings for about a week and a half. And he told me half of his body was numb for about 3 days. So not ideal? But he’s recovered now. It’s been two weeks. That’s way better than a month of hell like it used to be. I told him to lay off the chicken and reintroduce it again when he’s back from touring. That way it’s more of a clean test. My guess is he can tolerate chicken and he just reacted to the marinade. I cannot tolerate chicken, but we are not the same.

Will update everyone more throughout the week!

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  1. QWET says:

    Carnivore cures spontaneous combustion… for real.

    Newly discovered benefit for the Carnivore diet, it dramatically reduces the risk of fatality due to intracolonic explosion (rectal combustion) during colonoscopy. This is explained by the reduced fiber content of the Carnivore diet leading to less combustible gases in the colon due to fermentation.

    “An intracolonic explosion or colonic gas explosion is an explosion inside the colon of a person due to ignition of explosive gases such as methane. This can happen during colonic exploration, as a result of the electrical nature of a colonoscope. The result can be acute colonic perforation, which can be fatal.”

    Vegetarians fart more (colon has more methane), therefore vegetarians are more combustible than carnivores.

    • F. Flint says:

      Are you sure about that? Wouldn’t a ketogenic Carnivore Meat diet also increase acetone, thereby increasing the risk of fatality due to Spontaneous Human combustion?

    • verdilowe says:

      Time To Quit Qwet…
      You’re as useful as your hugely powerful Farts…In a Bubble Bath.
      Seem overly obsessed with all matters colonic ?
      So many anti Mikhaila comments here, huge waves of crass negativity.
      Bless you. MP..!

  2. Andre says:

    Carnivorous diet is not a sinful diet as many nutritionists say it is. What is interesting about this diet, is that many health problems disappear. A logical explanation, and very simple one is that microbial flora is changing in the intestine / colon. It is the meat ?!  No, it is the fat that changes the microbial flora. Put the vegetable oils in the sun outside for a few hours, and follow what happens.

     All vegetable oil will turn bad except coconut oil, lard, ghee. I remember in the childhood (i grow up in a communist country) when I went to my grandmother on vacation, and I ate meat in lard. It does not turn bad, regardless of temperature, humidity, etc. In other words, it is not the meat that “solves” the problem ( symptoms) , it is the high fat. Vegetable oils are the most terrible oils, not only that it decays into free radicals at low temperatures (with a few exceptions) but blocks cell respiration. Once cellular respiration changes, problems occur. For example, we have glucose that travels in the blood, while at the cellular level glucose is minimal because the pancreas does not produce the necessary amount of insulin. The pancreas does not produce the amount of insulin needed for that becouse…?! Gluten destroys the pancreas? (do you hear that) or are the parasites that interfere with the chemical process, and gluten can not be processed ?!

     People with IBS, psoriasis, celliac disseses, etc. as soon as they start a diet based on gluten free, many of the symptoms disappear. Is gluten to blame ?! My take is that gluten is not the problem. intestinal villas are destroyed and gluten can not be processed. And then the free gluten diet is ok, because there is no gluten anymore and the symptoms disappear but new one are coming in the future?!. who destroyed intesile villas ?! Gluten ?! It’s not possible!! Then who?! A parasite / pathogen ?!
     Once we’re on the gluten free diet, are we solving the cause  or the symptoms?! I do not believe ,we address the cause, as long as the intestinal bacteria does not change. We just solve a symptom. The problem is still there. Pathogens can go into hibernation for years without creating problems, but once the environment is favorable, they returns to strength. The carnivore and depression.I believe  is the Niacinamide that the body produces in decent amounts( while we eat lot of meat )that reduces inflammation generally throughout the body. A study on rats with Niacinamide reversed Alzhimer Disseses in less than 3 months. Niacinamide is one of the most powerful antifungals (look for trial on candida and niacinamide)
    Carnivorous diet is high in lysine .
    Lysine deficiency leads to a pathological increase in serotonin in the amygdala, a brain structure that is involved in emotional regulation and the stress response. Human studies have also shown correlations between reduced lysine intake and anxiety.

     Stool test for parasites ?! There are millions of parasites, a test covers a few maybe. Perhaps the only test that deserves the trouble is the GI-MAP DNA Stool Test. Leave a piece of meat out in the sun and watch what happens in a matter of hours. Parasites, bacteria, fungus they are all forming inside that piece of meat. Where is a parasit , is also a virus, bacteria, all .big family.

     If we leave a grape in a closed room, what happens in a few days ?! Do little flies appear ?! Did you know that every vegetable, has electricity ?! The fresher it is, the  higher are the milivolts.

     What happens to our body when we lose electricity?! (we are bioenergetics, see Dr Jerry Tennant, ph and voltage)

     Bacteria, parasites, fungi begin to form. So, it’s our life force that keeps us healthy. How do we  lose our life force ?! We take parents’ pathogens, their diet, we will have the same problems as they did . We change the diet, we change the microbes. We have good bacteria / fungi / pathogens (basically aerobic) that keep our colon and intestine in the balance. Did you know that poop is a medicine !? Stupid poop is a drug and very difficult to obtain (a healthy poop of course). It was an old saying, “eat poop” but it is true, it save lifes. There is a poop pill, it is given in major cases when antibiotics are totally ineffective.All I want to say is that the diet generally solves the symptoms, not the cause. If i would be sick again, and i need to “buy time” to look for the cause, carnivorous (high fat)diet will be my first choice. I believe is possible that this diet can correct some healty issues, from the root . The only way to find out if the problem is fixed is when you add in your diet other food. If the symptoms are gone,then you good to add others food.

    Did you know that humans cannot produce Vitamin C and Lysine?! A goat when is sick produce 18 g of lysine and huge amount of Vit C. Lysine does so much( found in high protein diet,meat).

    Vit C is need it if we eat vegetable, fruits..etc. We don t need much Vit C on carnivorous diet.It s true, but not sure in long term(collagen formation need Vit C ,lysine, proline,most important ones)

    If we eat sugar, (fruits are ok in moderation, and not 12 months a year), we need Vit C .

     I’m not a doctor, a researcher, or a naturopath, everything I wrote is my simple opinions. Please consult consult your
    medical professionals for health advice.

    keep your faith strong and think out of the box

    God Bless You All

    • Fat Albert says:

      Andre, that makes total sense!

      As I understand you, what you are saying is: The power of meat is in the fatty tallow, the tallow is the PBF co-factor (Precious Bodily Fluid) needed to activate our vitamin C enzymes which in turn then forces our pancreas produce more niacinamide. This sudden spike in niacinamide signalling travels through the circulatory system and targets the medulla oblongata with antioxidant. This is how meat ultimately cures the Alzheimer’s disease. Am right!?

      • Andre says:

        Regarding to your questions ;

        ” This is how meat ultimately cures the Alzheimer’s disease. Am right!?”

        I do not use the word “cure/cured “.


        I  was referring to a clinical trial done on rats using Niacinamide, in which Alzhimer’s disease was reversed .

         It was  my opinion about why the carnivorous diet is not a bad diet ,and the fact that I believe  the reason why many symptoms disappear is
        due to the change of microbial flora on the colon / intestine and the fact that the body takes the niacin / niacinamide from the diet in decent quantities.Also the diet is reach in Lysine. As I said before, if I want to “buy time” and look for the “cause” I ll pick this diet. I will add liver in this diet for many reasons.

         Im sorry but ,I do not think I understand what you are saying here ?!

        “The power of meat is in the fatty tallow, the tallow is the PBF co-factor (Precious Bodily Fluid) needed to activate our vitamin C enzymes which in turn then forces our pancreas produce more niacinamide”

        As far as I know every possible secretion emanating from a human body is considered a precious bodily fluid,including blood.

        Jack Preiss and Philip Handler  discovered the pathway through which nicotinic acid is converted into NAD.

        They showed that nicotinic acid is converted in three steps to NAD, and the identified the protein and enzymes responsible for these steps. The  pathway by which nicotinic acid is converted to NAD is called  Priess-Handler pathway.

        Synthesis of NAD+ is achieved via both recycling and de novo pathways in most microbes and in human cells.

        Most tissues take up both forms of vitamins to synthesize  and , although nicotinamide is the preferable substrate.

        Nutritional supplementation or high diet in protein,  is an effective way to increase intracellular NAD levels

        Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B6 (pyridoxine) in addition to iron are needed as cofactors for conversion of tryptophan to niacin (liver has it all).

        Humans are one of the few mammals unable to manufacture ascorbic acid ( lysine also) in their liver. Most other animals, except the ape family and guinea pigs, produce ascorbic acid in the liver from glucose in relatively high amount.

        We do have all of the genes that are necessary, but one of them is broken. The broken gene, nicknamed GULO, codes for an enzyme called L-gulonolactone oxidase, which is responsible for a key step in vitamin C synthesis. We have the gene, but it has been mutated to the point of being nonfunctional.

        • qwet! says:

          Perhaps replace GULO with some other garbage that makes human skin capable of photosynthesis?
          We can become the level above human, carnivorous plantimals .

          Until the soylent dream is realized we still have our faithful companions, beef and salted tallow fried to crispy black goodness.

  3. To have such a strong immune response to pepper suggests that although you feel better you have not fixed the underlying cause of your hyperactive immune system. Eating meat only will naturally reduce your exposure to allergens, but as you have found, adding them again leads to the same response.

    Might I suggest that you might have a nutritional deficiency, or a bad gene change, that makes it very difficult for you to deal with oxidative stress? There might be ways to fix this with unconventional antioxidants like B2, Manganese, and Molybdenum.

    I have Lupus and I have introduced even wheat again with no gut reaction.

  4. Andre says:

     You are right about underlying cause.

    The pains and rashes are caused by a tiny insects like organism .Mycobacterium is one of them (half fungus /half bacteria). Toxin producing bacteria/fungus  induces a protein that causes our own cells to react and cause inflammation.

    Molybdenum helps by converting the acetaldehyde into acetic acid. This can then be excreted from the body like any other toxin.

    Most fungi release a neurotoxin named acetaldehyde. This is just one of the many toxins. For example,  candida release a total of 79 different toxins.
    Alkalinization , green tea powder ( i found out tannic acid works better) with activated charcoal, and selenium will chelate most of toxins . NAC and milk thistle is needed to help the liver.

    Chlorella is usually used in conjunction with cilantro to bind to the heavy metal.

    Arthritis in cattle. They have always found bacteria, such as brucella, mycoplasma, streptoccous, staphylococcus,  pneumonoccus,mycobacterium, erysipelus in the bones of cattle.
     In humans I believe  to be similar. The reason why magnesium works is it kills off the staphyloccus, by alkalization . Potassium citrate is likely to kill the others . Long term potassium deficiency and boron can cause these organisms to flourish so it’s going to take some time to remove them, especially the mycoplasma. It’s usually immune systems related.
    For more information on pathogen origins here:


    Earlier studies have shown lupus inflammation linked to fungal infection .

    The fungus grows inside the cell making them invulnerable to antibiotic attack, making it seem autoimmune condition.I believe, it s not  white blood cells attacking healthy cells, it is already unhealthy, that’s why they are attacking it.

    I think, the simplest idea is to  kill the fungus by making their environment unfavorable to them .
    Most people with lupus should test for  hyperthyroidism.

    Check  basal temperature is the easiest way to do it. Instructions here :

    If average temp is under 36.5 Celsius, then most likely you are suspect of hypothyroidism . Then,check iodine level and selenium level in the body . Manganese, iron,ferritin level must be check too.

    Copper supplements, borax(food grade),H2O2, chromium, and B3 niacinamide are some of the antifungal .

    From my reaserch people with lupus were successful using borax with h2o2 mix (3%).

    Medical Disclaimer
    The Content is my opinion only ,and  is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

    • I tried taking molybdenum and chlorella and it didn’t help at all. Literally no difference. I was also taking magnesium and that didn’t make a difference. I think there are a lot of complicated answers out there and the simplest answer is we’re not supposed to be eating certain foods.

      • Deadpan says:

        According to Andre’s research the most probable cause of why molybdenum did not seem to help you Mikhaila is because you did not use it in conjunction with borax that creates the required level of synergy to activate the body’s healing response to molybdenum. Andre, being a sensitive man has provided us this referenced for you in his generously ample sourced notes.

        Perhaps consider a retrial of supplemental Mo using the guidelines extracted from his extensively well-researched information? Why is that?
        Mikhaila You DO make insightful yet cryptic quotes:
        “I think there are a lot of complicated answers out there and the simplest answer is we’re not supposed to be eating certain foods. “

      • Terri says:

        I’ve spent thousands of dollars on supplements and nothing helped until I went on the meat and water diet. I’m not wasting another penny on supplements. There’s growing evidence that some of them do far more harm than good anyway, and it’s an unregulated industry.

        • the n word of the day says:

          Mostly the truth about supplements. The few supplements that do anything of noticeable benefit won’t be very impressive. Most drugs are kind of the same but with more extreme peaks and troughs. It is almost pointlessly circular to talk about. It is good to know what limitations of things are, etc.

        • Andre says:

          I agree . Over 90% of supplements are ineffective. In fact, they can create more problems.
          If that supplement is in natural absorbable form (example B vitamins, amino acids etc) then it is not a problem of absorption.

           One of the reasons that they are not absorbable is due to the additives they contain (a simple test is to try to dissolve a supplement in a glass of water). The second reason is the dose and the time taken.
          Mostly,with minor exceptions, I use powder supplements, mineral salts (my favorites), tinctures, and the amounts used are extremely small, in large part.

           A very simple test is to measure our ph in urine in the morning at the first hour(ph test strip). If the pH in the urine is below 6.3 ,then urine is acidic, so we are inside our body ,then the problems begin to appear. The pH in urine in the morning under 6.3 means that milivolts are down.

          The pancreas,  is the organ most responsible for producing the bicarbonate our bodies need. The purpose of the sodium bicarbonate is to neutralize the high acidity  (food plus stomach acid) raising it to an alkaline pH over 7. The pancreas produce sodium bicarbonate. It s kind of funny,but 99% of the pancreas contains exocrine cells that produce 1 litre to 2 litre of digestive juices per day. This pancreatic juice contains powerful digestive enzymes along with water, sodium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate.
          At  this stage, supplements are useless.
          If we are acidic, what does the pancreas do? We eat to much food and too fast? We have bug in our stomach  that neutralize digestive acid (h pylori is one of them)?
          If we add ACV to the diet, do we raise the ph or do worse ?!

          I would not do that unless I want more problems. I have nothing against ACV, on the contrary it’s great, but not in this situation. The first thing I would do is take a buffer before I look at the cause.Sodium bicarbonate is a buffer, so potasium bicarbonate, so magnesium bicarbonate (unique water is expensive,  is very easy to make it home).

           Do we have  stomach bloating when we eat raw vegetables, fruits?  It s becouse fermentation occurs due lack of stomach acid,enzyme?! If we drink a glass of water (is buffer) while we eat, what happens with bloating?!

          How long does it take to our  brain to register that the stomach Is full? About 20-30 minutes. Eating slow, drink a glass of water , not only we eat less,but most likely pancreas will produce sufficient sodium bicarbonate to buffer.
          Losing weight? French people have a very rich diet, but they are not fat.They eat very slow, and  in a small quantities.

          If there is nobbalance between sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium ,we have a problem.

           It’s just my opinion, please consult your doctor for health issues.

          God bless you all


          • whistlin inna d' darg says:

            I don’t trust a bottled water so clear, it is so unnatural and likely lacks key electrolytes to prevent dehydration. It must require sophisticated machinery?

            Where does this unique water blend come from? I’d be willing to make an exception. whistling

  5. Andre says:

    Molybdenum main function is in removing toxins and prevent them from building up in the body.High dietary levels of molybdenum, produces a copper deficiency in humans.We don t need to much molybdenum to function,but it s very important to have it in our body.
    Chlorella helps the body to detox heavy metals. If combined with cilantro, some parsley,  brazil nuts (high in selenium) becomes a powerful chelation therapy (no minerals are removed from body).

    Let ‘ s say , I’m in a very difficult situation (I was long time ago), and I have very strong pain at all of the joints,strong inflammation at the cellular level .. etc ,this is what I would do ;

    All that I will write below is what I did when I had problems with my joints,and very bad pain. .

    1. Alkalinization

    * 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate ( bob miller free aluminum)  +1/4 tsp of potassium bicarbonate (powder ) in 8 oz of water (morning and night,30 min before eating)

    * 400 mg magnesium citrate (2 x day with food). Magnesium citrate is used to regulate acidity (the reason i used magnesium citrate). There are different forms of magnesium . Magnesium in a  pure state (elemental)it can not be absorbed.From 400mg magnesium citrate we get 16% elemental magnesium,and maybe 60%-80%  out of this will absorb in our body.

    So, 400 mg of magnesium is in chelated form with lower concentrations of magnesium(elemental) because it is in a highly bioavailable form. Different form of magnesium with different uses.No calcium (
     reference in the bottom).

    *500 mg Niacinamide × 2 times a day (i took it in the same time with magnesium citrate)

    *1 pinch of borax (i used food grade only) x 2 times a day in 2 oz glass of warm water.  For me 1 pinch was how much I could take in 3 fingers.

    Borax (not to be confused with boric acid,) is a natural mineral salt.
    Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according  to a study, is not acutely toxic. Its LD  50 (median lethal dose) score is tested at 2.66 g/kg in rats.Table  salt LD 50 is 3g/kg. So, salt looks little bit more toxic than borax( based on LD50) .

    I reffer to borax as 100%  sodium borate decahydrate (food grade )
    Do you like caviar? Then, if you do, they use borax as food preservative (depends what country).

    Many countries do outlaw the use of Borax in their food completely. In the USA, it is illegal to use any Borax when processing food. If caviar is imported…

    * 500 mg NAC bedore bed time

    In the  first 2-3 days, I felt that pain increased little bit,(i was expected based on my reaserch) but soon after,  pain descended quite quickly. I felt like something was “baking”in the area of ​​pain.

    About 2 weeks later  symptomes disappeared in a proportion of 70-80%.

    Then, i used vit C alkaline /lysine /proline, (all  powder only,non gmo ) ,green tea powder, threonine. The reason I used this combination was to increase collagen /repair , possible viruses problems, and immune booster. It s very important the doses / time.Viruses can initiate rheumatic symptoms through various mechanisms.
     It took me about two months to be  pain free.
    That was the basic.

     I use 1 pinch of borax daily in my coffee  for the last 10-11  years .Most coffee beans on the market, based on my reaserch have molds ,aflatoxins and mycotoxins. It s my way to “clean ” my coffee , before i drink it.I still use  magnesium citrate 3-4 times a week (to much calcium in processed food and less magnesium /minerals in vegetable.

    I take others staff, depends what issues I have in that day.If luck of sleep (kids keeps me busy),  I have noticed that the best way to increase  my millivolts (in minutes)  is 3-4 drops of 1%  methylene blue .I tried no to go under -40 millivolts, and when I have luck of sleep goes lower. Based on my test using ORP meter  3-4 drops will get me back to -50 /-60 milivolts. Potassium ascorbate will do it to, takes longer (does some killing also )

    Also,I want to tell you that I’m not a doctor, a researcher, a naturopath or a medical researcher. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

    God bless you all


  6. Set says:

    I want to try this diet due to a lot of problems with skin, sore joints, inflammation and migraines. But I don’t understand it. I do a lot of physical work during that days and I lose energy VERY quickly if I don’t have carbs. To the point I can’t do the work. Do you just not move around so the diet works for you? I fell like I have no energy and I can’t make it to even 1 day before running to get a lot of carbs because I can’t work.

    • You have to get through the carb withdrawal period. It’s definitely not a good sign that you’re experiencing it that quickly. It’s worth trying to get off of them.

    • I’ve been going to the gym daily. And working hard. And I have no problems. That’s not lack of energy from no carbs, it’s lack of energy from carb withdrawal. The solution isn’t more carbs if you want to actually solve the underlying problem

  7. Ron Mitchell says:

    Mikhaila, I’ve only seen you refer to using “charcoal” to combat the “pepper” reaction, but have been wondering if you or your family take supplements or other adjunct items ?

  8. Andre says:

    Activated charcoal works if taken immediately after meals or during meals.
    Activated charcoal may have the ability  to reduce toxic substances and binding bacterial toxins.
    There are different kinds of activated charcoal.
    However, what makes the difference between them is the ph (from 7 to 11).

    Skin allergies are directly related to the health of our colon and ph. The more acidic we are inside, the more allergic reactions we have.

    Acne can be drastically reduced with green tea and Niacinamide.

    Activated charcoal does have the ability to trap its own weight of toxic or unwanted materials, preventing their absorption into the body. Hospital emergency rooms use activated charcoal to treat certain types of poisoning from medications (not all).
    Activated charcoal is high in C60 (see
    Dr. Fathi Moussa, author of the C60 rat study).

    A simple solution is 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 8 oz glass of water, 30 minutes after meal.
    It works fast on gas and bloating and from my own experince works better than acivated charcoal.

    The body’s acidity determines the level of allergy, but other conditions unrelated are hyperactivity, inflammation, unbalanced gut flora, etc.

    The diet usually is  high in glutamic acid and aspartic acid, and  low in histidine. These imbalance creates an excitotoxicity, combined with sugar, fructose, glucose, but especially the general nature of diet is high in carbohydrates. These create an ideal environment for allergies.

    Runny nose can instantly be reduced with sea salt, so  allergies may in fact be low in sea salt diet. A table salt wont work since is acid in nature. It’s pH is around 5, while sea salt(pink salt)  is closer to  7.0 – 7.5 pH.

    Should I have this symptoms 1/2 teaspoon pink salt  in one cup of water will reduce runny nose in less then 10 minutes.

    Certain supplements lower allergies such as vitamin C(sodium ascorbate,alkaline form) lysine, glycine, proline, which has to do with our protective collagen that protects us against allergy in the first place.

     So a person with a genetic deficiency having to do with collagen has a potential for allergies. This can easily be alleviated by lysine, proline, glycine and vitamin C, which are collagen nutrients.

    The detoxing mechanism is lacking in N acetyl Cysteine, which in combination with glycine and glutamine create glutathione, responsible for detoxing. B3(niacinamide only) and selenium (brazilian nuts), these are also necessary for detoxing especially selenium, which is necessary for producing glutathione to counteract the allergens.

    Enzymes in the body are necessary, to break apart the protein that are foreign in the body that produces the allergen. So taking a simple bromelain(powder works fast), pancreatin, and other enzymes will break these protein down.

    Tannic acid will  cause deactivation of protein circulating the blood to lessen. So you get less circulating allergen proteins.

    So, drinking tea without caffeine, such as white tea/ green tea, lowers the allergy because it is the tannic acid that deactivates them, enzymes does that by digestion, liver does that by detoxing with glutathione etc.

    Your body is not alkaline enough(buffer needed) and there’s not enough of lysine, N acetyl cysteine and selenium for one.

    The allergies can be due to a couple of things, lack of collagen protection (lysine will help there), hypersensitivity to allergen (alkaline remedies taken for 2 weeks should help and green tea extract), lack of electrolytes (usually sea salt will help, in an instant), heavy metal toxicity (chlorella will help there,cilantro), over nervous or anxiety (B3 niacinamide NOT niacin).

    That s the basic.

    Medical Disclaimer.This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation.

  9. Susan Says says:

    I think you and your dad have mast cell activation disorder. That’s why you react to peppers and marinades. But not to fresh cooked meat. It’s real, and measurable.

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