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This one is soooo bad. Healthy grains are good and eating only meat leads to bone loss and organ failure. Of which there are how many cases? Oh zero? Literally just lying. And it’s written by a registered dietician. Shameful.

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  1. Eddie says:

    So fat is good for you? True but what type of fats? Animal fats and or Plant fats? Saturated, mono, poly, hydrogenated fats. How are the fats absorbed and broken down. Are there good and bad fatty chains? Cholesterol types? Which is good and bad cholesterol? Why is so much meat good? Meat takes a long time to digest. Is that healthy to strain the organs with heavy meat eating? What about optimal nutrient absorption? Where does this benefit more? Lot’s of meat or some meat and more produce? What about alkaline vs acidic? Meat is very acidic. Is that a good thing? What types if foods rob nutrients vs what foods maximize nutrients? Cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline rich environment so our bodies require to be more alkalized. 80% or more of chronic illnesses are caused by what we eat so what foods cause chronic conditions? What about fiber intake? Is fiber important? What about enzymes? Where do we get those from because those are important to.

    • stevek says:

      Please read my comments about phosphates in meat and the potential adverse affect on the brain. Dr. Peterson’s brain health may be affected by an all meat diet according to a recent scientific study.

    • Dhyana says:

      so I was just like you and blindly believed all that you are saying. I was vegetarian, vegan, just chicken/fish + vegetarian (whatever that is called), lot of lentils and legumes and beans with vegetables diet etc etc. None of these diets ever made me feel good/healthy (out of desperation, I even tried a 10 day water fast and still do 16 hour fast). Always had nagging issues, digestive problems, women related problems. I spent 1000s of $, almost got obsessed with finding out what is going on. I am extremely careful with food and food prep. So 95% of the time I buy organic and make food at home with coconut oil etc. No positive change. Nothing is making me healthy. At one point when I was doing keto, I was eating huge salads with eggs for lunch and I was forcing myself to think how amazing all this is even though deep down I know I feel sick eating all that. Interestingly, whenever I travel which is not a lot but during those times, I do not want to stress out about food so I eat whatever I can get including McDs. I was telling my brother the other day how every time I just let go and eat fast food, I actually feel better, no abdominal distress, no pains, no energy let down. I actually feel and look healthy. So when I heard about this diet, I was 99% vegan, something clicked and I am like OMG, it might not even be the gluten or the meat that was causing my sickness (because McDs chicken sandwich does wonders to my health but I am not saying eating it is healthy but strange occurance), it has to be the plant based part of the diet because that is the only common factor across all diets – vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo etc. Another thing was when I give up sometimes and just eat white rice and chicken curry for a few days in a row, I feel super healthy, happy and no cramps/pains/distress. But I never dared to think that it might be the plants based foods and the brainwash about having a lot of fiber in our diet. I am doing a lot of research on this diet and this seems to be something that is so unique and the only diet that lets me avoid plants based stuff to finally see what is going on. And about the issues you brought up – All lies and brainwash.
      1. All the brainwash about cholesterol – brainwash
      2. meat takes long time to digest – brainwash, even if does, it does not mean it is necessarily bad
      3. straining the organs with heavy meat eating – lies/brainwash
      4. nutrient absorption – not sure what you mean my “optimal”. What about it. Why do you think nutrients in meat cannot be absorbed?
      5. alkaline vs acidic – is true but you did not do enough research on this diet – you are just spewing brainwashed boilerplate stuff.
      6. meat is very acidic – acidity and alkalinity is a very complex concept and not simplified the way vegans think.
      7. you are going on and on about maximizing nutrients. not sure what you problem is. The right kind of meat is nutrient dense.
      8. fiber intake, lol. brainwash/marketing/lies/narcissism most probably started by the kellogs guy. Read the book “Fiber Menace”. fiber intake is hell on earth. watch youtube videos debunking that.

      Oh and I read a lot of how digestion works with meat and plant foods and that famous thing about body cannot digest meat or hard to digest seems like a big lie and brainwash. It does not work the way vegans are brainwashed to believe.

      All this being said, I love animals and it makes me sad to eat them but I want to do this diet to get to the bottom of this mystery of my life. Why do I feel good when I eat McDs and other fast food but feel awful when I eat heavily plant based all organic plant food.

      • Dhyana:

        You should probably watch this video on glyphosate

        Glyphosate has been permitted for use as a desiccant and bactericide. It is even used in grain silos. It interferes with metal and mineral uptake in plants and inhibits proper function of human enzymes. Glyphosate acts as a biocide. It is hazardous to all life. Unfortunately, that just leaves us with grass fed beef. You can’t spray glyphosate (Roundup) on grass. It will kill it. And you have already learned what it can do to the human biome.

        PS. Mikhaila, you have a lot of ridiculous comments in this website. I don’t have to time to read through all that garbage. So if you can, just delete them. It’s your website. Put out your message.

        Carnivore for 14 days, lost 8 pounds, psoriasis clearing up, feeling good.

    • Dhyana says:

      oh btw, fat is excellent for you!!! Fat is awesome for you! Your brain is mostly made of fat. Please let go of the brainwash. I was in your place and I still respect vegans but things they say are incorrect.

  2. I was a vegetarian for 2 years in an attempt to lower my cholesterol but instead my cholesterol jumped to the highest level in my medical history. When I left the doctors office I dropped the V diet and started eating meat and low carb vegetables and my cholesterol the next year hit an all time low.

    If vegetation & grains were easier to digest a cow would not need 4 stomachs. When you eat beef, you are eating what the cow has processed into dense protein and fats that are full of nutrients in case of a lack of food for weeks were to occur. In the case where people have been trapped for weeks without food their body use muscle and fat to survive.

    If you were on an Ape’s diet (raw and unprocessed), you would have to eat constantly for 8-9 hours each day just to get enough calories to power your brain. Your brain burns 40% of your calorie output in a day — that’s A LOT. (Raw Food Not Enough to Feed Big Brains)

    Turns out what cooking does is reduce the amount of energy needed to absorb calories from food. Think of it as an external stomach. It does part of the the job for the stomach so that the stomach doesn’t need to do it. There’s some pretty compelling evidence that the invention of cooking is what allowed our stomachs to shrink and our brains to get so big. The cool part is that your stomach is absurdly smart. Your gut has as many neurons in it as a feline has in its brain. It has a direct connection to your big brain and to your hormone sensors. It basically acts like a chemical analyses machine, constantly matching up the stuff you need with the stuff you just ate.

    • Dr. Ooze says:

      Eating cholesterol in moderation does not necessarily increase your blood cholesterol levels. Many researchers and physicians now believe that eating cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs may not affect the cholesterol that is in your blood.

  3. I run into the same issue with wild fungi.

    “Everything is going to kill you!” — Complete Stranger

    Meanwhile, in reality you could almost live off the things and we are just beginning to understand the healing benefits that tribes have understood for generations. Granted you want to actually know what you are eating before you eat it, but that is the mode of operating with everything.

  4. Jen says:

    Interesting that she mentioned the “most nutrient dense foods” at the end, because meat IS the most nutrient dense food! Duh! Thanks Mikhail, for sharing this.

    • RawBeefAdvocate says:

      Drinking the blood turns your cow into a renewable resource. You can’t eat your asparagus and have it too. Beef blood is more humane than plant murder.

      • Temple Grandin says:

        Instead of sour cream, why not try Pink Slime on your Perogy? If you must ease yourself into it with a 50-50 mix of Spam and Pink Slime fresh from the slaughterhouse

  5. stevek says:

    Meats are high in phosphates and this new study suggests that high phosphates causes a higher cardiovascular risk affecting the kidneys and the brain. Here is the reference study:

    The hormone FGF23 is linked to structural deficits in the brain

    What is truly frightening is the affect of calcification of blood vessels in the brain and it’s adverse affects, thusly:
    ” The frontal lobes, which control learning and complex cognitive functions, have a particularly high density of white matter, and thus may be most vulnerable to this type of stress.”

    Please research this recent study and share it with your father because his intellect and health may be at risk with a meat-only diet.

    • Seriously? His intellect wasn’t at risk when he was medicated and sleeping all the time and too depressed to lecture? But it’s at risk now that he’s healthy? Come on.

      • stevek says:

        You are not a doctor and your superficial judgement is not scientific. Now we have a scientific study that warns us about the adverse effects of phosphates as found in meat and you dismiss it based on your anecdotal observations and your father’s feeelings? Let him read and assess this study, so he doesn’t suffer long term damage to his brain.

          • stevek says:

            Don’t be a dozy daughter and just inform your father about that scientific study so he can save his brain.

        • Scott says:

          In the Joe Rogan podcat he even says he feels better intellectually?!? Just let Mikhaila and her father eat what makes them feel healthy. They didn’t just jump in to this diet, I am sure they are intelligent enough to change diet if there is ever a problem.

          • stevek says:

            “feel” and “intelligent” do not compute…. a near oxymoron. Feelings are based on emotions… intelligence is based on verifiable thinking knowledge… e.i. “truth”. Don’t mix “feel” with “intelligence”…. not a smart thing to do…!

          • In the context you used “feel” it means “to be aware of’ which has nothing to do with emotion. Perhaps stevek needs to read a dictionary. Intelligence is the ability to learn or retain knowledge so he’s 0 for 2. When you are wrong at every turn making a comment “not a smart thing to do”

      • Veal says:

        What kind of lobotomy? Depends if you intend to practice first before performing your own, then the carnivorous diet could prove handy for carcass disposal when you fail. You don’t have to confine yourself to cutting methods when performing your lobotomy either.

      • CleanUrVeal says:

        Eating meat makes you special.

        I dare you to imagine a world without succulent meat. The thought alone makes me spiral into deep depression.

    • stevek Did you even read the study you are referencing? Let me quote a particular passage:

      “Normally, FGF23 works in the kidneys and the gut to regulate levels of calcium and phosphate in the body. It is thought to be increased in people who eat a diet high in phosphates, which are often found in foods with preservatives. In people with chronic kidney disease or in those who consume a diet high in phosphates, can be a calcification of their arteries, which can cause heart attack or stroke. FGF23 may be the reason.”

      …thought to be … can be … can cause… may be the reason.

      That’s not science. That’s just conjecture. And meat isn’t particularly high in phosphates and isn’t suggested to be so in this study. 100g of meat has about as much phosphate as a cup of milk. One cup of All Bran cereal has TWICE as much phosphate. In fact, the main caution referenced in the study is “foods with perservatives.”

      So Mikhaila, tell your pops not to eat foods with perservatives. (As if he didn’t know that already.)

      I didn’t realize this website was going to be so entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Temple Grandin says:

    Pig training, pup training, robot processing, moneypig indoctrination… and now, The Peterson Cattle Institute.

    • ivan says:

      His carnivore diet will be his downfall because his brain will fail from the phosphate overload. It’s just a matter of time… pity.

  7. Nina says:

    I’m to lazy to find the information but it’s out there. Our large human brains wouldn’t have developed to be so amazing without the dense nutrient rich fats and proteins we get when we eat meat. From reading the comments here it is obvious that the people fooled into abstaining from meat are devolving. Cholesterol is the bodies defence for inflammation. If you have high cholesterol you have high inflammation which is most likely caused from unnatural long chain fatty acids like canola oil (definitely made in a laboratory and factory), phytic acid (which is nature’s preservative for grains, seeds, nuts and legumes), and not enough alkaline foods (vegetables and natural spices and herbs), and ROUNDUP. If your stomach isn’t optimal, l eat a lot of organic bone broth…to heal from a poorly prepared vegetarian diet.

    • Temple Grandin Autistic Savant says:

      I have never seen Peterson eat his meat. It would be instructive to observe how much salt he uses for his special diet. How rare should this meat be and what cooking method is best for the Carnivore diet. What is the proper chewing method for the meat?

      • Temple: Can you tell us the results of any experimentation with your diet? BTW I really enjoyed your bio movie with Claire (I hope you did too and I hope this is really you!)

    • Church of Euthanasia says:

      ^You have to set up a consultation if you actually want to watch JP eat the meat. If you want to upgrade the quality of meat that JP will be eating – Porterhouse, Sirloin and succulent veal and Lobsters will cost extra. Standard fare is a chuck burger combined with a microdose of mineral water.

    • John says:

      KBMO Diagnostics offers a FIT test – Food Intolerance Testing. Over 120 different foods are tested just from a quick blood sample drawn and submitted for labratory testing. This would be a prudent follow up for someone as concerned about their diet as you are – for good reason.

    • Beef Tremens says:

      Temple Grandin, She Wolf of the SS would agree… throw whitey down the meat chute and make more space for the Canadians!

  8. stevek says:

    Researchers have discovered how to slow aging
    Natural product found to reduce the level of damaged cells in the body, caused by aging

    โ€โ€ฆthe natural product Fisetin, found in many fruits and vegetables, also has significant positive effects on health and lifespan.โ€

    Want to live longer? This medical study recommends fruits and vegetables. Conversely meat diet shortens your lifespan.

      • stevek says:

        You must be aware that JRA not only affects your joints, it also affects your sight and heart muscles and makes you susceptible to a greater cardiovascular risk. The long term effect of a carnivore diet is problematic..

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