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This one is soooo bad. Healthy grains are good and eating only meat leads to bone loss and organ failure. Of which there are how many cases? Oh zero? Literally just lying. And it’s written by a registered dietician. Shameful.

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  1. Heather Taylor says:

    Hi Mikhaila! I can’t tell you how encouraging all of this is. I used to be a VERY active, mom of 5 boys! Now I’m good to be out of bed a few hours a day. My skin is a wreck! Lots of antibiotics (skin issues are new this past year). I am on a list of meds. I have what’s known (hardly known by the medical professionals) as dysautonomia and i have EDS. I’m a bit overwhelmed and would love a sample menu of a day for you? Breakfast? How much meat? I’ll admit, my current diet is 80% carbs🙈 I’ve got nothing to lose!
    Thank you!!

  2. Nagger says:

    eat the meat of humans that eat shark meat, that way you can imagine yourself to be at the absolute pinnacle of the food pyramid

  3. Jim Eckersley says:

    RE: The good housekeeping article: “but they still contribute about 30% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions — not to mention the water and land required to keep livestock production ongoing!

    This argument simply isn’t true on its face. First, what’s wrong with greenhouse gas emissions? Plants use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen as a waste product.

    Second, very little of the earth’s surface is suitable for growing vegetables that humans could survive on. On the other hand, fish and animals do very well in water, harsh desert and cold climates. Humans have survived in those harsh climates by eating animals that could also survive on the sparse vegetation.

    • Nina says:

      I agree. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that vegans are dependent on monoculture. This type of farming is extremely hazardous to all life, including mammals, reptiles and insects, destroying right down to the bacteria in the soil. Monoculture is also highly dependant on fossil fuels and not just for machinery but for fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
      Life eats life. There is no way around it. The circle of life style farming is the only viable long term option. Farming animals and making fertilizer from the bones and manure is not only healthy for everything but is the only rational way.

  4. Huh. I was ready to just dismiss the Good Housekeeping article as hyper-emotional nonsense since the author didn’t provide any data or proof of any kind, but then I noticed all the scare quotes and I was convinced that meant she must know what she’s talking about. Even though I’ve been eating this way for over two years now and have felt fantastic for the first time in decades, those quotes around the word “treat” convinced me of the error of my ways…. 😉

  5. Kalle Hänninen says:

    Search candida arthritis and try 2-Hydroxyisocaproic acid (HICA) bodybuilders use it frequently so it should be at least as safe as.. Oh, wait. Well just try it.

    • BAconator says:

      Far easier to use rare veal Meats instead of costly nasty 2-Hydroxyisocaproic acid to replenish the vital bodily fluids, perhaps consider adding a side of mushrooms fried in bacon grease and pig intestines if you want to increase your fiber content without using a non toxic plant source.

  6. Stephane Nedeljkovic says:

    @Mikhaila Hello there! Let me start by saying i adore your father, and really am interested in what you are doing here, takes bravery to defy illness and advice of experts like this, its really encouraging!
    Could you please provide info if the beef you are consuming is grass-fed? Or is it normal processed beef?
    I’m really curious and want to try this diet my self, but do not have grass-fed “bio” beef anywhere around.
    Also how many times a day do you eat? And also if the beef you are consuming is young cow/bull or medium age or old? In my country we have those 3 types of beef and im not sure how it works on english.
    Any reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks to both you and your father in what your doing, have a great day!

    • xyzIs4Nagrs says:

      Am curious too! Excellent beef related question.
      Also thari’es free-range cageless beef to consider… If you are anyone worthwhile like Ted Turner and own lots of land or your own personal ranch / and-or private wildlife preserve you can pretend to be a hunter gatherer and harvest beef yourself by stabbing it in the neck and drink it while it is still fresh out in the meadow

    • Judd Jolly says:

      I believe she eats grass feed beef with only Tilo with sparkling water (No mention of age) She also mentioned 80% of her calories are from fat. Her podcast with Joe Rogan is now my favorite, a must watch. Really made me consider what I am putting into my body.

  7. Sathing.w. says:

    I know that the beef is good, but has anyone tried it with the all mutton diet yet? I keep hearing good things about mutton, maybe this is another meat for days you are bored with beef?

  8. GJF says:

    Question: is cured meat okay? e.g. things like salami, prosciutto, bacon, the sort of thing which have lots of preservatives?

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