Apparently eating meat is now an alt right thing…

Giant one of these: 😑

55 thoughts on “Apparently eating meat is now an alt right thing…

  1. This article is so insanely ridiculous. They attached a diet to a political party? It boggles my mind that there are people walking around in the world who actually operate on that wavelength day in and day out..

  2. moiraeastman3 says:

    To Redrube, Me Too. I’m not upset at losing my masculinity. I’m just a grandmother and a great grandmother wanting releif from arthritis!

  3. H says:

    I’m literally just trying to have some energy and not be in pain all the time here can healthy people please take their nonsense elsewhere

    I’m 100% left-leaning but it’s incredible to me that leftists can go around accusing people of ableism and hating people with disabilities constantly, and then slander a woman who is–was–literally disabled by arthritis and depression for making herself feel better and trying to help others do the same. The reason you don’t see more leftists/liberals doing carnivore is because if you even claim that your mood or chronic illness could maybe be attached to what you eat in these circles you get painted as a woo-peddling ableist who hates people that take medication and probably is anti-vax too. Even saying cutting out gluten helped your mood/health makes you persona non grata sometimes.

    You think I would be EATING ONLY BEEF if I hadn’t exhausted all other options? In my ideal world, I would be at 100% health living off of dumplings and sandwiches. For fuck’s sake.

  4. moiraeastman3 says:

    In response to Jeroan: Love your line–‘the Ancel Keys Mythology’. Maybe someone will work out how many deaths Keys has caused. Could be more than the two World Wars. But don’t break rank and don’t think for yourself.

  5. ELENITA says:

    I am a positive AB blood type. Everytime I eat beef and pork my face is bloated and i constipated. In the bible God warned Esdras not to eat meat and drink alcohol. I do not eat sugar and fried foods.

  6. I guess that makes the vegans all leftists? How does this work anyway? I liked the link to Adolph Hitler being a vegetarian except when he ate caviar and his beloved liver dumplings! I am certainly getting a lot of entertainment value out of this blog!

    • Terri/teedee126 says:

      And just to throw a monkey wrench into the whole “Vegans=Left” nonsense, one of the largest groups of vegans/vegetarians are the Seventh Day Adventists, doing it for religious reasons, and who are almost universally hard-right Conservatives, so take this divisive commentary with a huge grain of salt.

  7. Zoey says:

    This Mother Jones article is not worth being used as toilet paper. Just pure trash and stupidity put out by liberals to further attempt to degrade people who have a brain and think with it.

    • Wolfie says:

      Ah, but my dog disagrees. He says to tell you, “This article is the perfect toilet paper”. Otherwise, I agree. To think for oneself has become a Thought Crime. Agree or disagree, the insistence by the control-obsessed left that anyone who has an idea (or personal experience!) to the contrary of the mainstream groupthink (or their opinion) must be labeled, insulted and vilified is repugnant.

  8. Emma says:

    For some people it is unfortunately. Some flat earth believers and people who see vegan as leftie social justice warriors do practice it sort of this way. It is an actual subculture thing right now in the alt right. But hey the quest for health doesn’t belong to any side of the political spectrum!

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