Apparently eating meat is now an alt right thing…

Giant one of these: šŸ˜‘

55 thoughts on “Apparently eating meat is now an alt right thing…

  1. Wow. The level of glee exhibited by many of the commenters on that sorry excuse for an ‘article’ was chilling.

    The swarm of delighted SJW’s as they contemplated the supposed demise of anyone daring to challenge the Ancel Keys Mythology was eye-opening for me. What a cesspit of ‘I’m so happy they will all die of heart disease’ nonsense!

    Thank goodness a few level-headed souls calmly rebutted the outright fallacies being strewn about the place…

    On the other hand, I’m eternally grateful for having stumbled across Mikhaila’s story early this Spring – it inspired me to ditch the carbs and begin the slow climb back to a state of health I haven’t enjoyed in decades. What you are doing is actually changing lives for the better – something that transcends any political agenda out there. Thank you.

  2. moiraeastman3 says:

    Fantastic comment. Yes, “changing lives for the better ā€“ something that transcends any political agenda out there.”

  3. Radrube says:

    Alt-right conservative fad diet? Afraid of my masculinity being stripped away by tofu? …
    But Iā€™m just a girl, standing in front of a plate of beef, hoping to loose my pregnancy weight and overcome a little depression.

  4. Helen says:

    No one follows this diet for kicks and giggles! It’s hard to live with dietary restrictions. No one sticks to it unless the pay off is worth it. Living life in a low functioning state with chronic pain, weakness, and brain fog is not worth a slice of pizza. This diet is not for the healthy, it’s for the sick …for the people our medical system has not healed. I am not on this meat diet but I have a huge amount of foods that I can’t eat. I follow Mikhaila’s story with great interest. Cheering you on from the sidelines Makhaila!

  5. 46 percenter says:

    Amazing how some people can politicize anything. I note also a disturbing trend – set up as a nonprofit, then ask people to donate money so you can write and publish editorial hit-pieces on whatever annoys you that day. Here’s an idea: people should STOP DONATING to such orgs. Keep up the good work, Mikhaila.

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