Apparently eating meat is now an alt right thing…

Giant one of these: 😑

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  1. I know that people for them most part voice their concern for an all meat diet,out of genuine concern for our health, but I just wish that they would consider that almost every one of us who have chosen this diet, have done so after years of trying to resolve countless major health issues by following the standard “recommended” diets with little success and a further downward spiral in our health. If it is really harming our health ( More so than it already was) then why are so many reporting years of health issues disappearing within mere weeks or months.

    • Agreed, Darlene. Also, the critics don’t seem to think about the fact that none of us would even be here if it weren’t for our ancestors eating meat for thousands of years and they didn’t deal with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or any of the dozens of autoimmune disorders we have now. They also had no cavities like today. I’ll never understand how they see meat eating as a negative thing, but I’ve waited so many years to get healthy that I’m not going to waste too much time worrying about anyone else’s opinions any longer. The mainstream health community and special interest groups like the AHA have wasted enough of our time telling us that meat, eggs and butter are bad while they push us to drink fruit juices, industrial seed oils, cereals, grains and milk several times a day. Enough is enough.

  2. BB says:

    The answer may lie in the Meat But then I discovered gravity also effects the Meat. Or you can simply salt your meat for peak meat experience.

  3. Jeff says:

    It’s projection at its finest. The left gravitates towards veganism, vegetarianism, and environmentalism. Therefore, those that disagree or choose other options must be alt-right.

    • No diet is “left” or “right” and I wish people would stop throwing in their little insults toward one group or the other because it’s just as bad as what this ridiculous article is trying to stir up. I’m a moderate liberal and a carnivore and my family is full of meat eaters who also hunt and we’ve been Democrats for generations and couldn’t care less if vegans or anyone else “approves” or not. People need to grow up and live and let live.

      • Go do some scientific research says:

        Being right or left is a system of beliefs. Alt-right denies scientific facts about the global warming. Leftists are more prone to incorporate news (anti-conservatism). When we get some new scientific information, conservatists withstand.
        You know that global warming is a fact, right? You know that eating meat will soon set us all in a very dangerous position as the species, right? If not, do some research. It’s not meat what helps you but eliminating the hight processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Paleo or keto are just FAD diets supported by NO scientific proof – but there are many proofs what such diet will cause for you in 10, 20, 30 years. People had never eaten so much meat as in past 100 years. Carnivorism isn’t “just a diet” as it doesn’t affect “just your own health” but the health of all of us – by the environment it destroys.

  4. It’s stupid. My knowledge about diet and nutrition have changed my diet— I went from low-calorie/semi-starvation diet, to vegetarianism, and then to keto/lowcarb. If I had a reason to switch my politics to ‘alt-left’, I wouldn’t sacrifice my health to go ‘vegan’ (which means what ‘vegetarian’ used to.)

  5. Well, the left is definitely suffering from psychological projection….
    AND… too much soy.
    So maybe “Red Meat” is indeed a “Right” thing… LoL …”And that’s the way (uh-huh) I LIKE it!”

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