Flare-ups caused by a cold/flu and plane rides

So I’ve noticed more and more that when I get sick I get a flare up. I knew this before but it’s changed a bit.

I used to get sick every single time I flew. It would be a fever and it would last about two days. Sometimes it would evolve into bronchitis. Literally every time I flew. It happened to dad too. We’d travel, be in bed for 2 days with a fever, and then be fine. So I started wearing masks on planes and boom, problem solved. It was hard to believe because I thought there was a period of time after you catch something where you don’t show symptoms, and I’d literally be sick as soon as I left the plane (basically). But the mask thing worked.

When I went super low carb I thought I was invincible and didn’t wear a mask on a plane to Europe. I had the fever by the time I got to Prague. It evolved into bronchitis over the next three weeks.

Anyway, now that I’m only eating beef, salt, and water. I feel invincible yet again. So I stopped wearing a mask. Because I don’t learn apparently, and masks are annoying. When I went to Hawaii in May I had diarrhea for about 5 days after the plane ride. I thought it was because of the beef there (I bought beef from Costco). Now I’m not so sure… I’ll have to test out Costco beef again. I think its from the plane ride. I just got back from a family vacation and the same thing has happened. Scarlett caught something too this time which is how I realized what was going on. It looks like that fever I used to get after planes has changed into something else. It’s pretty minor, mostly just diarrhea and an overall icky feeling. I’m getting better now but here’s what happens when I catch a cold or get a flu:

  • diarrhea for about 5 days (or other flu/cold symptoms)
  • my skin breaks out (I have a breakout on my chin and chest and shoulders right now)
  • arthritic flare up (my right elbow is killing me and my right big toe is swollen, and I can feel it in my right pinky) this NEVER happens unless I eat something wrong or I’m sick.
  • body odour (I never have body odour unless I eat something wrong or I catch something)
  • minor mood dip and minor lower back pain (these symptoms never show up separated)
  • overall restless feeling
  • Brain fog

I hardly ever get sick on this diet. I used to be sick all the time. I basically had bronchitis most of the time. I’m hardly ever sick and now when I’m sick I can barely tell. But I do get autoimmune symptoms when it happens. And if I’m in a plane, I never get away with it without catching something. How strange is that? Also pretty gross. Anyway, it’s a not a big deal, I’m fine. I’ve been sauna-ing it out. But if you start getting symptoms after a plane ride, same. A medical mask seems to solve it for me.

I’m going to LA next week and I’ll wear a mask and see if it happens again.

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74 thoughts on “Flare-ups caused by a cold/flu and plane rides

  1. Nick Savino says:

    Just got back from Italy to Toronto Wednesday night and was in horrible shape within hours of landing. Now I got razor sharp pain when I cough. So yes I believe you!

  2. TO says:

    I travel frequently for work, and used to always get sick. That didn’t go over well with the family. Started wearing a mask on flights and haven’t been sick since. It’s the lack of humidity in the cabin at altitude. The cabin air gets super dry, and your nasal mucosal system (a first line of immune defense) shuts down. Combine with recycled air and close proximity to 100+ passengers, and it quickly becomes a Petri dish inside the plane.
    As for masks, my recommendation: icanbreathe.com
    Discrete, stylish, carbon filter, and used by the US Cycling team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    Be safe & Well.

    • Kenn Macd says:

      May I also suggest that you take off your shoes and sock and place your foot on the metal stanchion of the seat in front of you. That should connect you to the ground of the plane, and allow you to be unaffected by any wireless signals bouncing around inside that metal tube we call an airplane.

  3. TO says:

    One more note about the use of a mask on the plane. Beyond the physical barrier to what you’re breathing in, the mask supports maintaining humidity in and around the nasal passages. Add a little natural nasal spray to the process, and you’ve got a stout defense against the common bugs and virus’ associated with travel. And it’s worth the few sideways glances that come with it.

  4. james says:

    i believe its the amount of bacteria in the plane combine with the high radiation and lack of sleep causing this issues

    • Yeah. So I don’t think this my issue is purely a gut issue.. I mean the reactions from food are WAY worse, but I still definitely get autoimmune symptoms when I get a cold. Or when I take an intravenous medication.

  5. Nicholas Richards says:

    On a recent trip to Manila I got sick easily (fever, throat infection) from just around outside. I noticed some people wearing masks and once I started wearing one myself I didn’t get sick anymore. I would say the air in a third world country is nearly as bad as the air on a plane. Oh yeah, I suffer from CFS, arthritis and autoimmune issues.

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