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This isn’t such a bad one either!

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  1. fabian says:

    it’s good that the message is out there for people who need it!!

    day 15 beef only, can’t wait till the depression lifts.

    • Jeroen says:

      Yup, sponsored by government agriculture departments and “environmentalists” who’re more interested in maintaining massive farming subsidies to wheat and soy farmers than they are with the health of the population (and in case of the greenies with their religion which claims raising animals for bad for the environment, which itself stems from their “animal rights” activists which want to see holding and eating animals banned because they see farm animals as more worthy of life than their own children.

  2. Kelly R Day says:

    I had to chuckle, the whole thing is so biased against you, then waaaaay down at the end, they finally show your exceedingly balanced, common sense approach to this diet and people’s individual choices. The author must have felt like they had to show the truth, so they snuck it in there because they had to. It’s so obvious to anyone with half a brain that you aren’t suggesting anything extreme, you’re suggesting an option and asking people do what works for them. Clearly.

  3. Kristina says:

    I dont trust nutritionists with hipster styled eyeglasses. Especially if they pose for a headshot by cocking their head to the side.

  4. Eva (ketopetsitter) says:

    Interesting stuff…I think the reason some folks have such an inflexible attitude, and are unwilling to change (or consider new information & experiences), is due to fear; the realization that what we’ve been practicing or taught, is not true, and scary. I think personal experience is so powerful, and undeniable (if I read that a few people, who have similar ailments like me, have had positive results with changing the way they eat, especially if it involves a natural, whole food like meat, why would I not try it; especially when the alternatives are harmful). I’m grateful for the will I have to be open minded, and having the courage to adapt, when necessary (especially when it comes to life or death, and quality of life). Thanks Mikhaila!!

  5. Barbara Archer says:

    Just so rude! Referring to your statements of fact as “claims”! I haven’t eliminated carbs entirely but just by drastically reducing my intake I have experienced massive improvement in my energy levels and my figure. Thank you!

  6. Yeah, that really bothers me when they use the word, “claims” to describe your health issues or the effect the diet has had on them. Just keep doing your thing for your health, Mikhaila and others will follow if they think it’s a good option to try. Don’t ever let the publicity stress you out (though I get the feeling you’re above that reaction by now).

  7. steven v says:

    Mikhaila, it is just ridiculous how healthy you look!!! BTW great polka dot dress. How is the ankle doing?

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