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  1. Trav says:

    “Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, of London, said no diet can ‘cure’ medical ailments” I’m sure she was told this.

    • And one could argue that if a diet can ’cause’ a medical ailment, as we know it does, it can ‘cure’ it as well. That said, by the time someone has T2 Diabetes, for example, the cure would only last while the person is following the diet that reversed their T2. I hope she also noted that pharmaceuticals don’t ‘cure’ anything, either..

      • Trav says:

        Of course she didn’t note that, she is a shill.

        “That said, by the time someone has T2 Diabetes, for example, the cure would only last while the person is following the diet that reversed their T2.” I’d argue this is because whatever their default diet was outside of that was the cause of the T2 in the first place, and their past diet, lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors leave them more susceptible.

        Not sure if you’ve heard of the Snake Diet but it involves fasting, and when you eat you eat meat, vegetables and fruit. Apparently a lot of people with T2 diabetes have success with that diet/lifestyle. What was interesting about this vs. a standard ketogenic diet is that when you do regular fasting, you can eat more carbs than you could normally without spiking blood sugar or insulin or whatever. I don’t remember the exact thing though lol, just read about it last night. I thought I’d bring that up since you mentioned T2 diabetes.

        I’m trying this diet because I was interested in fasting, but most people promoting fasting advocate a vegan diet, but I could never do a vegan diet AND fast. It isn’t too bad now that I’m eating meat.

        Hoping to heal some psoriasis I have, some other health issues and slightly lean up, though leaning up isn’t my main concern.

        • TeeDee says:

          I’ve had psoriasis, so you have my sympathies and I hope your new diet helps get rid of it. I haven’t had a flare-up since adopting a carnivore diet. I eat OMAD, but would like to try a longer fast, starting with 48 or 72 hrs, then see how that goes. I’ve heard the Snake Diet referenced, but haven’t looked into it, so thanks for mentioning it. I wouldn’t be able to add any vegetables or fruit, but I’m still curious about it. Take care.

          • Trav says:

            You don’t need to eat fruits and vegetables, you could do it with any diet. The basis of the diet is fasting, so it is an excellent way to get into it. What makes it different is instead of fasting on plain water you fast on water with added electrolytes sodium chloride (in the form of sea salt or himalayan salt), potassium chloride (I use NOW foods), sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulfate.

            I JUST this diet, I’m on my first 48 hour fast. I’m on the second day. I actually stopped eating at lunch on the day before I fasted so my fast would probably be 55 hours, but I’ll do 2 full days just to satisfy my own mind that I’ve done a proper fast.

            I did the first day of the fast with distilled water, now my potassium chloride supplement has arrived in the mail (express shipping was fast AF, surprised me) I am drinking the electrolyte drink and a lot of the symptoms that come up with fasting have disappeared.

            Do check out the videos on Snake Diet, it is pretty interesting.

  2. TeeDee says:

    Sounds a lot like what I do now, with the electrolytes, so I just need to pick the time to do a 2-3 day fast. I wanted to get used to eating meat only and one meal a day, first. I actually like the OMAD approach and am feeling much better on just meat and water, so hopefully, the fast will be fairly straightforward–thanks again 🙂

    • Trav says:

      No problem. I just finished my first 48 hour fast! The main trouble with fasting is getting to sleep can feel difficult, but that is because I kept going to bed early. I haven’t eaten yet today, in a way I don’t want to eat, but I am going to. I have some organic bacon, some milk kefir, some organic chicken and some osso buco. Gonna be a feast haha. I might eat a little sweet potato soup, but I’m not sure if I should.

  3. TeeDee says:

    Yay, congrats! Yes, sleep problems are a bit of concern for me since it took me 6 weeks of sleeping only 2-3 hrs per night when I first tried OMAD and when I went full carnivore. That’s why I need to wait for just the right couple of days in case I don’t sleep well, I can at least rest a bit during the day. I really want to do it, though, and take advantage of the autophagy benefits. Enjoy your feast! 🙂

  4. Fernando says:

    Im a mexican 28yo dude 1.74m tall with an office job and ive been arround 95kg since i was 18yo. i re-injured my knee in May and that was a turning point: mid July with 98kg i started the meat-and greens diet, with one cheat day a week wich i use to eat sushi or hamburguers and some clamato micheladas (beer, sauces, and clamato); when i step out of my diet i dont get any bad reactions as Mikhaila reports; i mostly eat beef, pork, some chiken and those pre-packed ready to eat salad bags; and i dont do any excersice apart from some light weights when i feel like it (probably one time a week) and i do drink tequila with water.
    As today i weight 89kg, my beer belly is gone and is starting to show in my cheeks, i will not stop until i am 80 or 75kg (i have wide shoulders and legs maybe 75 is too much) then ill do a full blood and physical check to see how am i concerning all the fat-meat related issues, but my intention is to continue this all my life.
    I have nothing to offer to Mikhaila but my Praise and heartdeep Thanks, know that you and all the people on the internet that lead me to this has changed my life.
    Thanks again.

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