Response to the Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert and Independent Article

I’ve decided to write a response in response to Rhiannon Lambert’s Instagram post mentioning me. (And the subsequent article scene here). The Instagram post doesn’t bother me that much, but even the picture of her posing with a pen is a tinyyyyy bit aggravating. I’m getting pretty sick of hearing about my “reported” arthritis…
I’ve copied parts of her Instagram post. They’re in bold:
“More energy. Less body fat. You can even cure depression and arthritis’, well that’s what American psychologist Jordan Peterson and his daughter @MikhailaPeterson say whose social media is scarily going viral. Mikhaila reportedly had arthritis, now she doesn’t (or at least, she thinks she doesn’t!)
Are you kidding me?! I’ve had my hip and ankle replaced due to arthritis. This isn’t a case of some minor joint pain that I “think” went away. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and the diagnosis later changed to juvenile ideopathic arthritis, after my joint replacements. I had 37 joints affected. I could barely walk in grade 2. I was put on Methotrexate and Enbrel (I was the first kid in Canada to be put on Enbrel). I took them by injection, weekly. I took painkillers to sleep because I couldn’t sleep on my shoulders. This isn’t some minor joint pain that I could placebo away, that maybe didn’t even exist in the first place. This was the worst arthritis my rheumatologist (at Sick Kids in Toronto) had ever seen in her 20 years of practice. I have scars to prove it and medical notes. This isn’t a discussion.

Secondly, my Dad is eating this diet because the other option is serious suffering. Not because he’s particularly happy about. He’d rather be left out of the whole “diet” conversation.
“Mikhaila has absolutely no nutritional qualifications.”
This is true. I’m very open about it. I’m also not concerned about it. I’m not going to go to a school run by either the pharmaceutical companies or the food companies to learn about how eating grain is healthy. Or that the cause of most disease is unknown but here are some drugs that’ll fix you!
The only animals that are really sick in the animal kingdom are us, and the animals we feed. Doesn’t that tell you something? Maybe we don’t know everything yet?
“One thing you can’t ignore is there are some nutrients you just can’t get from meat!”
Explain why this worked for me. And don’t use the explanation that maybe I didn’t have arthritis. Come on. Explain why other people who have been eating this way for decades are healthy and thriving. I didn’t start this diet. I came across it out of desperation. If there are nutrients you can’t get from meat, why does it work for people? Or are they just placebo-ing themselves out of their obesity and misery too?

“Most people’s lifestyles and traditions make it difficult to follow a restrictive diet. Rigidity can lead to a distorted attitude towards foods and social isolation too”
This is true. It is hard to keep up restrictive diets. It’s not fun. I’d rather go out with my friends and eat cheesecake. This is part of the reason I run the blog, to give people who are alone a community. It’s not like eating this restricted is fun socially.
“Folate, vitamins C and E all pretty much only come from veggies – that’s why sailors used to get scurvy with not enough vitamin C in their largely fish diets.”
Vitamin C is used up in abundance when you consume glucose. Here’s another great article that goes into depths about glucose vs vitamin C. It looks as if the reasons sailors got scurvy was because they started surviving off of carbs and fish and didn’t get enough Vitamin C to help process the carbs. If you don’t consume carbs, you don’t need the vitamin C. I’ve been doing this for 8 months and my vitamin C levels are fine. Not low at all. Explain that!? Or do I just not have scurvy quite yet? Is it not possible that maybe we don’t know everything about diet yet?
There’s folate in meat, particularly liver. So that’s wrong too… As for Vitamin E, there isn’t much, if any in meat. But I’m not low in it. Obviously, we don’t know what we’re talking about if people can literally survive (and thrive) on an only meat diet. Obviously, we’re missing some key information here.
“Then there’s fibre. The #CarnivoreDiet has none of it, yet we know fibre promotes a good gut health and research suggests your microbiome impacts everything from digestion to your immune system to your mood. You need fibre, and meat can’t give it to you.”
You don’t need fibre in your diet to be healthy. In fact, it looks like it might cause more problems than it solves. We’re not cows or gorillas. We don’t have four stomachs to digest this stuff, or a long hindgut that ferments plant matter much better than ours (notice how gorillas have big bellies and that’s considered healthy – unlike humans). There are populations of people who have survived with no fibre and they’ve been fine (Inuit and Maasai for instance). I’m not an expert in this field, obviously, nor do I make myself out to be one. I’ve just read a lot. Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky is a great read though, and full of information that isn’t widely recognized enough.

“Meat also tends to push the balance of our good and bad cholesterol (called HDL and LDL) towards the bad end.”
This is so outdated. Even HuffingtonPost knows better than that. And it doesn’t look like cholesterol, in general, is bad.
These articles kind of give an overview of more current thinking:
There’s information out there that people can read for themselves, and make up their mind. I don’t advocate trusting anyone. Do your research, be extremely sceptical. Read everything. Dave Feldman runs and has a lot of good information, and breaks down a lot of studies for people.
As for meat pushing your supposed balance towards “the bad end”, I’d like to see ONE study that concludes that (after controlling for variables such as sugar consumption, exercise, smoking, and dairy consumption). There aren’t any. Not that “the bad end” is even a thing anymore.
“There’s no one way of eating but be wary of any claims of “curing” conditions thought of as treatable only with medicine. Please never ignore medical recommendations in favour of food-based treatments.”
Medical recommendations put me on more medications than I can count on my fingers, and left me with a hip and ankle replacement at age 17. I’m permanently damaged from these surgeries. There is no going back for me. You can’t heal when your joints have been removed. My goal is to (at least) get people to start looking at their own diet for answers. Try eliminating foods and see what happens. The “beef, salt, and water diet” is what works for me. It seems to be the ultimate elimination diet. After a month, reintroduce foods! I don’t care. Just try and figure things out yourself before you also suffer irreparable damage. I want people to hear my story so that they know they have a choice. That there’s hope. That the responsibility for getting better is on them, not with the medical system. Research, explore. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, including mine. I don’t advocate quitting your medications irresponsibly. Talk to your doctor. I advocate doing the research and testing things out yourself. That’s what worked for me.
And last but not least, I’m not about to be called a fraud by someone who thinks avocado toast is a health food or bananas on toast is an actual way to healthily refuel in the morning… Reasons I don’t plan on becoming a nutritionist…

136 thoughts on “Response to the Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert and Independent Article

  1. Jim Kennedy says:

    I am highly skeptical to RDs. I have been told for decades that I should be eating like 130 – 150 grams of carbs a day. (I am type 2 diabetic). I kept getting sicker and sicker (more meds. ) That is the ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommendations. Who pays for their association? Those companies which produce those meds they were pushing.
    I went on LCHF (via Virta Health) and got off meds. So I don’t have a ton of respect for RD’s. Sorry but they and the ADA are not helping reverse T2D but making it worse. 🙁

  2. Most religions ask that you believe. They offer that, in spite of your own experience and understanding of the world, you accept what is taught. What is dogma. This acceptance brings everlasting rewards. A few religions suggest that only personal experience matters. You can know for yourself. Priests and holy men hate that shit as they hope to reap the rewards now, not in the everlasting. Blind faith, marketing and money interests will fight what you know and are sharing. You have no right to know just because you can speak to your experience. As a person, I value what I experience. I experience food – what I eat- as profoundly effecting who I am at any given time. I’d gladly join your congregation.

  3. sharon says:

    AMEN Mikhaila! Don’t ever let your voice be silenced!

    I have been sick with autoimmune disease for twenty-two years. I now have chronic, unrelenting, lymph node pain among other things. Going to a carnivore diet is the only pain relief I’ve gotten in the last twenty-two years. The last twenty-two years of my life have been a nightmare. The first elimination diet I did was twenty-one years ago, but I never got answers because I was led astray by nutritionists, doctors, friends, … and the overall dogma. You and your dad inspired me to try a carnivore diet and I am so thankful that I did. I am on day thirty and am thankful to be on a path that shows some promise of relief … the only path that has so far.

    I love what you are doing Mikhaila … keep up the good fight!

  4. I am here because of the interview with your Dad. I know he is not a shill and is an honorable man who stands up for us all. My heart goes out to you and your family and wish you good fortune. I started the CD today because i need to try something. At 64 I think I still have a lot to offer but not under my current health issues and depression. My family thinks i’m crazy but I will give this a fair trial. I actually stayed awake all day today after a nice steak for breakfast and pork chops for dinner.

    • Kenn Macd says:

      good on you! try it for 30 days if you can. I don’t know your health issues, but I think this beef only diet makes a great elimination diet It will provide the nutrients you need. After 30 days you can start adding back in foods, one at a time, and see how it goes from there.

  5. TOFU says:

    “The only animals that are really sick in the animal kingdom are us, and the animals we feed. Doesn’t that tell you something?”

    Except that’s NOT true AT ALL. Animals do get cancer and other sickness.
    If only you only killed yourself, with that diet your daughter will be gone before she turns 4. Good job!

    • Animals get bacterial and viral infections, they don’t all grow up, get fat and depressed and die of heart disease. If you could show me some examples please do!

  6. XXDDD says:

    “Physiologically, it would just be an immensely bad idea,” Jack Gilbert, the faculty director at the University of Chicago’s Microbiome Center and a professor of surgery, told me during a recent visit to his lab. “A terribly, terribly bad idea.”

    Gilbert has done extensive research on how the trillions of microbes in our guts digest food, and the look on his face when I told him about the all-beef diet was unamused. He began rattling off the expected ramifications: “Your body would start to have severe dysregulation, within six months, of the majority of the processes that deal with metabolism; you would have no short-chain fatty acids in your cells; most of the by-products of gastrointestinal polysaccharide fermentation would shut down, so you wouldn’t be able to regulate your hormone levels; you’d enter into cardiac issues due to alterations in cell receptors; your microbiota would just be devastated.”

    While much of the internet has been following this story in a somewhat snide way, Gilbert appeared genuinely concerned and saddened: “If she does not die of colon cancer or some other severe cardiometabolic disease, the life—I can’t imagine.”

    Please, I’d love to read your scientifically-based arguments in response to an actual doctor and researcher!

    • Kenn Macd says:

      Hey! I have an idea! Why don’t you go to Mikhaila’s first post, and read them all until the present. Then you would not ask such an uninformed question. If you haven’t got the time for that, then you really don’t want the answer to that question.

    • Harry Lockhart says:

      Yeah, all that “expected” stuff happens unless it doesn’t. Chasing Biome’s is like herding cats. Mine, from a nationally recognized “Doctor and Researcher” have been tested twice with two different results each time. My cardiologist from the University of Michigan finds it odd but my improved health led him to the conclusion “…keep doing whatever you’ve been doing for the last 6 months. I’d appreciate If Gilbert could tell me when to expect these consequences so I could do some needed planning.


    I’m really curious of how you feel about an all-beef diet and it’s environmental effect. You must know by now that the current way in which beef is raised to be transformed is in no way sustainable. It’s in top five bad things to do for the Earth climate’s. Are you okay with destroying the planet considering you just had a kid? What will be left for her?

    • Bob C says:

      You are overstating the case. She is not advocating that most people should convert to a beef-only diet. She is an extreme case, stating her early childhood problems, how medicine did little to help, and how gradually eliminating various foods allowed her to conclude what works *for her*.

      I don’t follow the strict all-beef diet, but due to consistently annoying (and sometimes very painful) symptoms over many years, I began eliminating foods to see what would happen, allowing at least two weeks between changes and changing just one thing at a time (e.g., change the food I ate, but don’t change the amount or nature of exercise, the amount or type of fluids drank, etc.). Over the span of 7-8 months, I determined that not eating grains, nuts, dairy (except butter), and most fruits and vegetables alleviated most conditions (blood pressure, skin issues, serum glucose levels, kidney problems, etc.). And some foods I cannot eat due to their high oxalate levels and my susceptibility to kidney stones (most nuts, kale, spinach, most teas, pears, oranges, blackberries, and other foods).

      The point is: if you don’t have any problems, fine. Eat what you want. But if you have chronic problems, don’t totally ignore your doctor, but start carefully experimenting with what you eat and keep detailed notes about how your body responds. That’s what Mikhaila did and she is sharing the results to get other people thinking.

    • Someone else can worry about the planet. I’m worried about the fact everyone’s suffering now. We could unpoison people and I’m sure someone smart can figure it out. Or should we let everyone die from autoimmune disorders and obesity and heart disease in the meantime?

    • Carlo Censi says:

      The problem with eating meat then is not about someone eating it, is about 7 billion humans on a planet with limited resources. So instead of blame everyone about how people need to stop eating as humans (at least as we always did as a specie) start questioning “why there are 7 billion humans on the planet?”… I think we both know why, and is not about people eating meat in the past, is about people growing a lot of grains on the ground telling that they could feed the world, well the world has double or even triple the population because of that. And now what? should I stop eating meat because you can produce some more rice on the same area, “Hey, let’s find out what’s the best grain to produce more food per square meter and let’s only eat that”… Or should I stop eating meat because if 7 billion humans do the same is bad for the planet? What about the rest of the animals? Should the lions stop eating meat too because it’s bad for the planet? and don’t bring me that crap about the way we produce meat, I’m the first one to be against that, but the answer is not stop eating meat the answer is producing it differently and again the problem aren’t some animals eating as they should, the problem is that at this point anything we do will cause a big impact on the world.

  8. Kathy says:

    My son has severe RA and stomach problems and depression,anxiety. However several years ago he became allergic to beef of any kind by vomiting immediately after. Would chicken or pork work the same?

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