Blood Work!

Sorry about the delay!

After eating only beef, salt and water since January 2018 it’s basically completely normal – with slightly raised ferritin levels). That’s 9 months of only meat, and 8 months of only beef, salt, and water. Crazy.

Here are the pictures of the tests:

I’m going to test testosterone next,  just out of curiousity. Comment about what else you want to see and I’ll write it all down and get it tested for the next round.

The ONLY thing that was abnormal was slightly raised ferritin levels. No, I’m not concerned. But this is interesting. People are told to introduce solids to babies when they’re 6 months old because there’s not enough iron in breastmilk and many mothers are anemic. I didn’t introduce solids until she was 8 months. She wasn’t really interested before then. Clearly, I’m not anemic at all. Just thoughts. At the time this blood test was taken I also hadn’t resumed menstruating. That’s a year of no periods. My thoughts are that this also has something to do with the raised ferritin levels but who knows.

What I find the most interesting about this is:

  1. My cholesterol is completely normal. I wasn’t sure what the cholesterol would show, and I wouldn’t have been concerned if it was abnormal but it’s not even, so that’s cool.
  2. I used to have high levels of lymphocytes (which is a sign of infection). Now they’re low but in the normal range. That’s amazing. I’ve always had high lymphocyte numbers (and other white blood cell numbers). This is a great sign. I’m really happy about this.

I had my vitamins tested through a naturopath. Still waiting for results. Prior to any dietary changes, I had low zinc, low vitamin D as a child, and as a 20 year old all my B vitamins were low (except for B12). Not ridiculously low but kind of. After going low carb my zinc and vitamin D went up but my B vitamins (other than B12) stayed low. Perhaps the beef, salt, and water diet has fixed my B vitamins. Perhaps they are still low. We will see soon enough.

142 thoughts on “Blood Work!

  1. Damon says:

    So many questions, but have you tried a pescatarian diet? Fish seems petty hypoallergenic. I have eczema and allergy issues, and fish doesn’t impact me from what I can tell.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Ask for a fasting insulin test. I know they tested your glucose but it would be great to see what your diet does to your insulin levels so those starting out can compare and see it make it very low. Most doctors don’t do this test unless you ask but you can have elevated insulin levels for decades until one day it spills over to your glucose level and that’s when they tell you that you have diabetes when you could have saved yourself years of feeling like death if you’d only known. Thanks for sharing your story and results. You’re helping others in ways you’ll never know! God bless you!

  3. Noah says:

    I was on board until I saw “naturopath”. I’m open to being convinced, but from what I’ve seen of naturopathy, it seems foundationally unstable as a practice.

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