Blood Work!

Sorry about the delay!

After eating only beef, salt and water since January 2018 it’s basically completely normal – with slightly raised ferritin levels). That’s 9 months of only meat, and 8 months of only beef, salt, and water. Crazy.

Here are the pictures of the tests:

I’m going to test testosterone next,  just out of curiousity. Comment about what else you want to see and I’ll write it all down and get it tested for the next round.

The ONLY thing that was abnormal was slightly raised ferritin levels. No, I’m not concerned. But this is interesting. People are told to introduce solids to babies when they’re 6 months old because there’s not enough iron in breastmilk and many mothers are anemic. I didn’t introduce solids until she was 8 months. She wasn’t really interested before then. Clearly, I’m not anemic at all. Just thoughts. At the time this blood test was taken I also hadn’t resumed menstruating. That’s a year of no periods. My thoughts are that this also has something to do with the raised ferritin levels but who knows.

What I find the most interesting about this is:

  1. My cholesterol is completely normal. I wasn’t sure what the cholesterol would show, and I wouldn’t have been concerned if it was abnormal but it’s not even, so that’s cool.
  2. I used to have high levels of lymphocytes (which is a sign of infection). Now they’re low but in the normal range. That’s amazing. I’ve always had high lymphocyte numbers (and other white blood cell numbers). This is a great sign. I’m really happy about this.

I had my vitamins tested through a naturopath. Still waiting for results. Prior to any dietary changes, I had low zinc, low vitamin D as a child, and as a 20 year old all my B vitamins were low (except for B12). Not ridiculously low but kind of. After going low carb my zinc and vitamin D went up but my B vitamins (other than B12) stayed low. Perhaps the beef, salt, and water diet has fixed my B vitamins. Perhaps they are still low. We will see soon enough.

142 thoughts on “Blood Work!

  1. Angel Reyes says:

    Do you only eat beef? I’ve read a healthy carnivore diet consist of eating other parts of the animal too, not just the muscle meat. such fat, liver and bone marrow. Also fish and fish eggs are healthy too. Have you tried eating any of these?

  2. Bliss says:

    Enjoyed you talk with Rogan tonight….curious where to buy tallow & the taste also, what is the taste like? its funny but tallow is used for some odd remedies is why I ask about the taste. I feel 100% better on a high protein diet, always have and then I fall to carb cravings. I am going to disipline myself to go this route to measure my response. I wish beef wasn’t so pricey but when one factors in all the other products one is not spending money on, perhaps this isn’t as severe money wise afterall.

  3. Levi says:

    Hi Mikhaila! Have you heard anything about vitamin D yet? I’m wondering if I should increase my intake, but I don’t want to get bad reactions from the supplements themselves (cause of the additives). Love to hear back from you, Levi.

  4. Brent says:

    Just saw your interview with joe and wow, couldn’t be further from Clint Paddison’s program which I thought I’d try for RA. I have a freezer full of moose meat and some MCT oils, so this is great!

  5. celeste kelsey says:

    I just “attempted” to watch your interview with Joe Rogan. I got up to 40 minutes during his rant about “anybody can exercise,” and just couldn’t take anymore. He was so condescending to you throughout the entire so called interview. I did not find him to be so when he interviewed your Father. He treated you with disbelief as if you were an “hysterical woman.” I was happy to see that the vast majority of comments agreed with my criticism. You, on the other hand, remained unflustered…I applaud you for that. Don’t know if it got better after the 40 minute mark…I hope so for your sake but I will look for your presence elsewhere. As a fellow-carnivore I appreciate your voice. Thank you for being concernd about and wanting to help others.

    • Terri/teedee126 says:

      Funny, I couldn’t watch the whole thing, either. Just got fed up with Joe; he seemed to be in a defensive, antagonistic mood and it just got tiring. But like you, I was so impressed with Mikhaila’s calm, cool demeanor throughout that I hung in there as long as I could.

      • ted says:

        the end of the interview its like he doubles back around and almost gets that some people carrying 40+ pounds of weight could have trouble with having energy to exercise, but he stops just short of admitting he was wrong for the rant. i have seen a lot of people put of by that rant. at first i turned it off then too, but then wanted to see what the rest of the interview was like, he may have been testing to see if he could intimidate her, he does that at times with some people, tries to rattle their cages, i think he saw that he wasnt going to budge her and calmed down.

        • Zach says:

          Not sure if you watch many of his podcasts but he seems to hit that nerve every time something comes up about exercise and being healthy. To a degree i understand it, it is called discipline. But what he fails to include in his “idea” is that people aren’t just tired from being out of shape, they are emotionally tired from work, finances, and everything else in the world. Most of which, is safe to assume, Joe doesn’t have to deal with any of the three on a daily basis.

  6. Alex says:

    What are your CRP and ESR at? I couldn’t see them but but maybe you weren’t tested. Do you have any CRP or ESR results from relatively close to before you started your diet and after? Very interested.

  7. Tina M says:

    Maybe have your stool tested for Klebsiella bacteria overgrowth? It has been shown directly related to RA (among others) and once resolved and bacteria back to normal, other foods could be introduced. I have been doing research for a friend with AS and found this yesterday!
    Check out Fix Your Gut’s article in your “free time.” 🙂 This overgrowth is related to the HLA-B27 gene.

    Keep being the best you for that little girl, mama!

  8. Dave says:

    How did they work out the TC/HDL-C ratio? I get 0.48 which is great, but they print 2.5 – I cannot work out how they got to that?

  9. Bianca says:

    What you are doing is amazing.

    Thank you for inspiring people, sharing what you have learnt through your experience and really challenging and changing what we think we know about nutrition. I am studying a bachelors degree in health science and I find it absolutely fascinating what you are doing especially with regards to your health outcomes. I actually really want to trial your diet for six weeks and see what happens as I have struggled with adrenal fatigue, depression, acne and hormonal imbalance since I was a teenager, obviously in no comparison to yourself and your health journey, still I am curious.

    Keep up what you are doing its truly fascinating and wonderful, I am sure there are a multitude of medical professionals scratching their heads at this concept, which is great! Because something needs to change…too many of us are sick, fat and tired.

  10. Angelica says:

    Hi! Has anyone ever mentioned Still’s disease? Ferritin levels are usually a good indicator. It is very similar to RA but can be more aggressive.

    • JeanMD says:

      In medicine, ferritin is a measure of ones “iron stores” and can also be used as a non-specific biomarker for inflammation as it is also an acute phase reactant ( your ferritin levels will go up during inflammation). Therefore, in iron-deficiency anemia alone, we would be expect ferritin levels to be low or low normal (not high). Ferritin can be falsely elevated in patients who are not iron-deficient if they are in an inflammatory state (sepsis, RA, pretty much any illness). Since your blood work indicates that the number (hematocrit) and size (MCV) of your red blood cells are normal, you are not iron-deficient or anemic. Your elevated ferritin could be associated with your backround of autoimmune disease. It is likely that your ferritin levels were MUCH higher in the past when you were very sick and are now downtrending as you are doing better. Hope this helps and I’m glad that you are doing so much better!

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