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This has been a busy week…

Decided to bunch them all here so I can keep track. They don’t bother me. They kind of crack me up actually. Partly because I can understand how a diet of beef, salt, and water sounds insane. But mostly because it actually works and that’s also insane. What am I supposed to do? Stop having an autoimmune disorder due to dramatic changes in diet and then hide that information from the world? Haha. AS IF. Informing as many people as I possibly can to see how many other people can stop suffering. Just try to stop me world.

– This one is fun because she says I “reportedly” have arthritis. Even though I clearly have had two joints replaced.

– This one is fun because the author thinks diarrhea is a hard transition after I’ve gone through suffering from an autoimmune disorder and depression and ideopathic hypersomnia and chronically itchy skin and blistering rashes and cystic acne.–90-daughter-tell-all-about

I just had a newspaper photographer come over and take a picture of me with a steak. Who knew I would grow up and become a steak advertiser… Life is so strange. Can’t really stop laughing about it.

As always, thanks for the support.

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  1. Steph says:

    All these articles are doing is getting the word out there more. Any publicity is good publicity because it gets people out there looking into it and thinking about it. You should be proud. You’re so strong and an inspiration to others! 🙂

  2. JimK says:

    I saw on Twitter Timothy Noakes references a paper showing that Syndrome X is exacerbated by the US Dietary recommendations (low fat, high carb) . Syndrome X affects women. It feels like a heart attack. So the woman goes to the ER and there is no sign of having a heart attack. So the Drs poo poo the woman. While it is true she did not have a heart attack she had a capillary issue with the capillaries in the heart. The heavy weight feeling on the chest is caused by the capillaries in the heart narrowing. So it isn’t a heart attack but it needs to be treated properly.

  3. I think popsci’s article title ‘Please do not try to survive on an all-meat diet’ needs to be rewritten to say, ‘How they tried to survive before an all-meat diet and now thrive’.

    Thanks for all you do Mikhaila!

    • Not like other foods. Severe enough to stop eating it though. Dads going to try and reintroduce chicken, I just suggested not eating it because of my reaction (drunken feeling and brain fog and slowness – I tested it out 5 times because I couldn’t believe it). Dad noticed the reaction to salmon. Lower back pain and mood dip. I didn’t notice anything to salmon, I just cut it with chicken just incase.

  4. Alyssa Cullen says:

    I love how all of these articles are making a huge deal about her charging for skype sessions with fans who have been requesting this and all of the information about the diet is right here for free.

  5. Nick says:

    Hi Mikhaila! I’m currently on day 9 of the diet given in the “THE DIET” tab above, the least restrictive so far. Basically just eating chicken, beef, salmon, veggies and sweet potatoes and nothing else. I’ve had to start supplementing with soluble fiber to manage this for some reason (even though I thought the veggies I’m eating would do the trick).

    I just wanted to ask you, since you’re now on 100% beef and nothing else – how are you avoiding constant constipation? Haha I know it’s quite a question, but I’d love to hear what your experience has been like, if your body just adapted or anything specific you’re doing for it, etc.


    • I’m not constipated AT ALL on just beef. Neither is dad. His digestion he claims is great. Mine is great but I’ll get diarrhea if I eat out. I think it’s the added hormones and antibiotics in the meat. There was no adaptation that involved constipation. I used to suffer from that when I had a regular diet quite badly. I feel like fiber actually makes things worse.

      • Nick says:

        Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting – I’ll have to look further into it all.

        I really appreciate all you’re doing to help people here. I can’t believe the blatant misrepresentation in some of these articles, it’s like they haven’t taken 15 minutes to read what you’re actually writing on here, and how you’re doing 90% of it for free just to help others. So cheers for that!!

  6. So, “the cut” suggests that you’re taching : “ all you have to do is eat beef three times a day — literally just beef, nothing else — and you’ll be cured of whatever ails you

    risible how they have to invent nonsense like this to support their attacks …

  7. Johnny says:

    14 yrs with severe RA + extreme fatigue + depression/anxiety. Starting diet today. I’ve got some pretty awesome symptom tracking in place so I should come out of this with some pretty solid data one way or the other. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Good luck! Stick it out for at least a month. Make sure you eat enough, don’t undereat, overeat if anything. Make sure you get enough salt. Comment if you have concerns!

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