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This has been a busy week…

Decided to bunch them all here so I can keep track. They don’t bother me. They kind of crack me up actually. Partly because I can understand how a diet of beef, salt, and water sounds insane. But mostly because it actually works and that’s also insane. What am I supposed to do? Stop having an autoimmune disorder due to dramatic changes in diet and then hide that information from the world? Haha. AS IF. Informing as many people as I possibly can to see how many other people can stop suffering. Just try to stop me world.

– This one is fun because she says I “reportedly” have arthritis. Even though I clearly have had two joints replaced.

– This one is fun because the author thinks diarrhea is a hard transition after I’ve gone through suffering from an autoimmune disorder and depression and ideopathic hypersomnia and chronically itchy skin and blistering rashes and cystic acne.–90-daughter-tell-all-about

I just had a newspaper photographer come over and take a picture of me with a steak. Who knew I would grow up and become a steak advertiser… Life is so strange. Can’t really stop laughing about it.

As always, thanks for the support.

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  1. DJ Bookout says:

    Hey Mikhaila, thanks for all you are doing with this. I was wondering if you had any time to perfect your pemmican experiments? Looking forward to trying your ideas out. Thanks!

  2. Bea says:

    Great writing, but when you say “What am I supposed to do? Stop having an autoimmune disorder due to dramatic changes in diet and then hide that information from the world?” It sounds like you are saying “am I supposed to stop having an autoimmune disorder that was caused by dramatic changes in diet?” Sorry, I proofread and copyedit for a living.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ridiculous how biased they can be. Better to have an open mind. Will you be posting your blood work soon? And an analysis of it. I am low carb, high fat and protein and a naturopath said my blood work shows I’m too acidic and inflamed. Not sure she’s correct. Have to read up on it more. Would be good to see yours as you are doing so great!

  4. Maggie says:

    Hello! Love what you’re doing here. Quick question… You wrote somewhere that you buy fat trimmings remains from the butcher and you fry them up crispy as a snack… I’d like to do that myself but I don’t know type of beef fat trimmings to ask for. There’s a lot of beef fat that will simply melt completely when you cook it but I’d love to have little pieces of crispy fat I could gnaw on 🙂 So what exactly do you ask for? thank you!

  5. mike boyce says:

    Are you familiar with Dr. Georgia Ede? I noticed that she has done research on vegetables that aligns in a very similar way to your observations, particularly in the context of mental health.

  6. Wade Evans II says:

    It’s sad how people are so quick to judge and make accusations that aren’t true. A lot of these articles talk like you are advertising that you are scientist etc. All I have seen is, you report on how this has affected you and your dad. The same for Jordan in that interview with Joe. He even went out of his way to say that he is not a professional and that he was just reporting on what he did for him. It’s disappointing that you can’t even have an opinion about something anymore. I wish you well and hope you know that there are people out here in the real world who understand and are happy for your progress. I hope your health continues to improve. Take care, Wade

  7. these 2nd rate media types only know “gotcha” journalism and soft news so their only angle is “something different but good happened – who this person? why is he or she lying, and why is this person such a dangerous outsider? here’s why you should be afraid, now. don’t forget to subscribe to my thing.” none of them contend with your claim on a scientific level. they all sound so sarcastic and bored, which makes sense because all they have to offer is skepticism and links back to you. like they know they are useless and i feel sad for them.

    it happens with your dad over and over and over, these little clowns limp in with hacky ideological agendas and he just waits for them to run out of air before correcting them. occasi

    i dunno, this diet is working for me so when people try to raise their profile by poking holes in it, i get annoyed! do something good with your time!

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