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I thought it was fairly fair considering how controversial the diet is. I was expecting wayyyy worse. But you can’t placebo away arthritis that casually eats joints at age 17…

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  1. ann says:

    You are a very courageous young lady. Too much pain and sadness. Your change in diet seems to be working well for both you and your dad. I wonder though if a lot of your troubles were caused by the pesticides present in fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. Your episode with the banana muffin for instance. Bananas carry a very high pesticide load as do many of the vegetables you were eating. Were you suffering from chloracne? Pesticides can be trouble for some people so wonder if the reduced pesticide load in organic foods might be a part solution . Have you ever explored this possibility? Good luck and I hope you stay well.

  2. Jeff says:

    Count me as one of your sheep then I guess.
    I mean, though I haven’t paid for a consultation, and haven’t ruled out that it was psychosomatic after hearing your father talk about it (/sarcasm), I’ve been very grateful to have been introduced to this option after suddenly and out-of-nowhere beginning to have allergic reactions to anything plant based that I ate (anxiety, intense itching all over, and throat approaching swelling shut were enough for me to commit to a month of “giving it a shot”). I’ve been at it for a week as of tomorrow, and it’s been worth it to not be in fear of needing to start carrying an EpiPen on me at all times. Feel like I’ve done a pretty decent job of seeking out other sources, will continue to try to educate myself, and may try re-introducing some things after that period, but again I’m thankful for the work you’ve put into this blog and so happy to hear of the way it has changed your life for the better. You have my gratitude for sure.

  3. Robin says:

    Haha this Dr. Weiss is a reeeeal expert. Buzzfeed is so full of shit most of the time. But then, I actually think they didnt really attack you and your approach all too much. Except the placebo thing. Like what the hell. This Dr. Weiss should’ve looked into your story at least a little bit.

    You’re getting famous. Keep it up 🙂

  4. Karen Williams says:

    Mikhaila, hope you are thick-skinned enough for these sort of attacks….you are your father’s daughter, so I guess you will be!
    I’ve just read the ‘article’, pah!
    Me thinks the author hasn’t researched all the facts and the doctor and dieticians are like many who have continuously told the West to follow the pyramid diet and look where it has got us all….overweight, ill and for many, with so many allergies….by not eating real food for a start or eating fruit and veg that is covered in pesticides and gunk to keep the food ‘fresh’!!
    I wonder if one were to look into the doctors and research scientists, would we find out ‘he who pays the piper…..calls the tune!’

    The awful comments from those who have responded to the article are worse…telling you and anyone who follows your advice that they hope you enjoy your colon cancer.
    It was a big headline with a feeble attempt to discredit you. I’ve been following your articles….for free, thank you very much 🤣😂🤗
    Keep well x

  5. fabian says:

    Ignore the unbelievers! BTW: is it safe to make chicken wings in a convection oven that has been used for gluten pizza in the past? of course on a fresh baking sheet

  6. fabian says:

    I can’t find fatty beef here, is it a problem if only 1/4th of my calories come from fat? do i just eat a bit more then or is ‘rabbit’ poisoning real?

      • fabian says:

        i eat some chicken but it’s not really satisfying, i do love salmon, but it’s too expensive to eat everyday. i don’t do pork for the same reasons as mikhaila

        • hmmm, what you need ideally chicken-wise would be a professionally roasted one by somebody who knows what he’s doing, in which case it’ll be full of good fat as well as being a lot tastier, but unfortunately that doesn’t automatically exist where you live at affordable prices.

          How about mutton ?

          • fabian says:

            tbh i like sheep too much to eat them, same as pigs, cows, chickens and salmon are OK however.

            the lean beef does satiate me however, i just eat some more!

            but i heard you can get ‘rabbit starvation’, which i don’t believe in but i want to be sure

  7. Don Juan says:

    I wonder if the article is worth a response, very seriously. It highlights the majority of the misconceptions surrounding the carnivore diet with poor science, and could be a good place to refute the info cuz of the pop journalism aspect of it. Dr Baker voluntarily gave up his license, and is getting it back. There is no link between dietary cholesterol and blood lipid profile, in fact, anyone who claims to understand cholesterol is trying to trick you. You don’t recommend the diet to anyone, and have plenty of proof to show you are just describing what works for you. The list goes on, and perhaps it might be the right place to mount a counterattack/response/assault. And I would be very very incensed if they called, like you said, degenerative arthritis relief “placebo”.

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