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I thought it was fairly fair considering how controversial the diet is. I was expecting wayyyy worse. But you can’t placebo away arthritis that casually eats joints at age 17…

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  1. sonya ha says:

    Hi Mikhaila, Congrats on your bravery and assistance to those in need of finding answers to health issues.
    Would like to recomend EAT RIGHT 4YOUR BLOOD TYPE by Dr Peter D”Adamo.

    IF your blood type is O.
    EAT MEAT [ high protein low carbohydrate}
    Cut out wheat and most other grains.
    Risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for your type.

    The book lists all other blood types.

  2. Read that article and the ship has long since sailed in me being able to be swayed by recommendations from the heart foundation or any government food body. I’m on mostly meat with as much fat as I can get and some basic veggies and my gut, which has been giving me grief for years, is finally feeling good again. Moods have settled too.
    I’m glad you are doing what you do Mikhalia as your blogs are my encouragement to keep going. I would never have picked this deit if I hadn’t come across your stuff (and my husband who loves your Dad has cut out the grains and feeling good too thanks to him).
    Can you tell me, do you source organic meat and do you drink a lot of bone broth?
    Good luck balancing your endeavours with the bub. I have 2 tiny ones of my own and know how full on it is!


  3. Ignore ANYTHING from Buzzfeed. They’re Radical Leftist loonies.
    And that’s not exaggeration, Buzzfeed has long lost any credibility with their dumb articles and extreme Leftist “journalists”.

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