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So I started to offer consults!

As everyone who has read this blog knows, I used to be dying. I am no longer dying because of dramatic changes in diet. This worked for me, my mother and my father, and my husband (so it’s not purely genetic).

When I was trying to figure things out, I didn’t know who to turn to, and I had nobody to talk to. I felt like an outcast. This made me feel very alone and it was scary. My friends were skeptical about it so it was difficult in the beginning. It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas off of someone. So I’m here to lend an ear and to go into more detail about what made me feel better. I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical license. I am not a registered dietician. I won’t be diagnosing. Obviously. I am open with what I know and what worked for me. If you scour the internet most of what I think is out there, I’m not trying to hide anything and I don’t even hide what diet worked for me. Initially, it was extremely low carb (seen here). Then when that stopped working during the pregnancy I’ve switched to only eating beef, salt, and water. Sometimes some bourbon. That’s what works for me. Extremely well. I have no autoimmune disorder or mood or skin issues anymore.

No trickery, haha. I’ve done quite a bit of research into the microbiome, and I’ve tried basically everything under the sun to heal my own autoimmune and mood issues. The consult is a conversation and support. Someone to bounce ideas off of. I was getting requests and so I decided to fit it in. You don’t need to book a consult because most of the information is on the website anyway, but it’s there as an option for those who want it. I was already doing this through Patreon but it made more sense to do it through the blog because Patreon is a monthly subscription and a bunch of people who subscribed only needed 1-3 consults before feeling better (which was amazing). So monthly isn’t a good model.

I do have a waiver that basically spells this out for people when they book a consult. I’ve really been enjoying speaking with people so far. It’s nice to see people recovering. Sickness is beyond terrible. There isn’t a lot that’s worse than being ill. I’m not here to give people false hope, or to sell snake oil. I’m here to lend an ear and give support. Trying to navigate a health issue alternatively can be confusing and scary and there’s a lot of different information out there, most of which didn’t work for me.

Thank you guys so much for the support! It’s incredibly motivating and has really helped in the last couple of years. I haven’t worked on the blog like I should have been in the last month (I’ll have a post to update on why that was), but I’m back at it! I’m also going to start a YouTube channel! Not looking forward to figuring out how to edit videos…

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  1. Natalie Romanello says:

    I really enjoyed the consult and I’m here to say that you offered exactly what you explained here. I feel a bit less alone and much more hopeful. Looking forward to updating you soon. These last couple of days are rocky, but you warned me that I’m approaching the tough part, so I’m prepared! Thanks again!

  2. M williams says:

    hello, im thinking about trying this diet. probably a stupid question but do you use any spices other than salt?

  3. Hi Mikhaila! Both you and your Dad have inspired me to get my act together (from JP) and lose weight to be healthy (from you). Thank you for sharing sincerely (no six -pack images but science- backed real-life effects of an unhealthy diet).

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