6 Month Carnivore Update

Tl;dr: I love this diet. I am never going back. 


Baby: Scarlett dropped her second nap at the tender age of 9.5 months (a month ago). I’m wondering if the reason babies sleep so much during the day is because they’re usually eating something nasty like iron-fortified cereal (which would also put me to sleep). Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long, I’m going to be back full force in about two weeks. I’ve caved and gotten a nanny, and she’s starting in 2 weeks. I wanted to do the stay at home mom thing (which is what I’ve been doing for the last 10.5 months) but I can’t do it. There are too many things that I want to be able to do that I can’t do with a baby. Serious kudos to people  (like my own mom) who could do it. Taking care of a baby is a full-time job. And it’s incredibly rewarding but it’s hard when there are other things you’re missing out on. For me, that’s work, that’s the blog and writing. So a nanny it is even though it makes me incredibly nervous. I realize how lucky I am to even have that option. We met someone who seems really bright and really kind and I think Scarlett will love her. She also speaks Russian so Scarlett can learn her dad’s language. We’ve only introduced meat and she’s still nursing a lot. I haven’t figured out what I want to do, but I’m thinking I may consider some vegetables and just see what she’s interested in. I haven’t decided yet.

Ankle: I need surgery. I don’t need to get it re-replaced (THANK GOD), but I do need surgery. After my ankle replacement my fibula was subluxed (slightly dislocated) and so I couldn’t bend my ankle well. Scar tissue grew in really quickly, and bone, and now there’s so much scar tissue that even though my wonderful physio fixed the dislocation, I can’t move my foot. The muscle on one side of my body is wasting away which is horrifying so I need to deal with this ASAP. That’ll be much easier with a nanny as well. Flying out to see a surgeon at the beginning of July, hopefully can do the surgery ASAP after that.

Jordan Peterson: Dad is thriving on the diet. He’s cut out salmon and is mostly eating beef but also some chicken. He told me salmon gives him back pain and makes his voice a bit shaky. Even after all the food weirdness, I’ve been through I had a hard time believing him. But I don’t eat it, and chicken makes me dizzy, so who the hell am I to judge? He has no depression, no anxiety, and no doom in the mornings. If you follow him on Twitter you might notice he’s not as volatile. Last week my mom texted me and said “Jordan woke up with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” in his head. If that isn’t a fantastic sign I don’t know what is. I”m giong to get him to drop the chicken and I think his mood will improve even more. This all meat diet is the bomb.

Mikhaila Peterson: I’ve been doing it for six months now and I swear it just gets better. I have no cravings for other foods, my brain is the fastest it’s ever been, I don’t even mind the sleep deprivation that comes with a baby (she wakes up at night still), I’m energized, happy in the morning, happy all day, and raring to go. The only thing stopping me is my ankle and that should get fixed hopefully soon. I’m getting my micronutrients tested and cholesterol this month. Comment below if you’re interested in certain markers and I’ll add them to the list. This is purely for people’s curiousity, I’m not concerned in the least, I feel great. I’m going to start doing consults (so keep an eye on the blog). Switch it to a pay per consult instead of Patreon. People who have been speaking with me feel better fast enough that we don’t have to keep talking which is amazing. My face is also thinner on this diet (even just eliminating salad). I don’t have as much puffiness in my cheeks. It’s lovely. I look so much more attractive. I was looking through pictures of myself in Montreal in 2012 and I look like a different human.

Hangovers: Hey! Good news, I don’t react negatively to alcohol (only bourbon and vodka – nothing else). It turns out that the minor reactions I was getting were to those hangover pills!!! Which work really well but were giving me symptoms. But my response to alcohol has changed. It used to fill me with energy and now it just kind of makes me slower. So that’s a downer but maybe I’m so fast normally that it’s starting to work like it should, it is a depressant after all. WARNING: this diet is NOT good for hangovers. My tolerance is down, not just because of breastfeeding, and the hangovers are killllllerrrr. Be careful. Go slowly with alcohol. Stick to bourbon and vodka (they have nothing else added – the colour from bourbon is from the cask).


I’ll be updating the blog much more frequently when the nanny starts, and I may even start a YouTube channel! I’m also writing a book (18 000 words in so far!) Exciting times. Doing great. Thanks for the support.


198 thoughts on “6 Month Carnivore Update

  1. HK says:

    Hi Mikhaila!

    Check out this youtube video, it talks about the link between depression and inflammation.
    This could be why you had rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder) and depression at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X4qySqsYP8

    Also have you looked into homeopathy?
    Or read Upton Sinclair’s The Fasting Cure, it talks about beef as well

    • Robin says:

      His channel is amazing. He covers these topics a lot. And was thinking about you (mikhaila) as well when I first saw it.

  2. Fabien says:

    Hi Mikhaila,

    I’m almost two weeks in the elimination diet you recommend. Now I see that maybe there will be more to it. We’ll see how it goes anyway, and I’m still waiting for the lab to send the results of the igg test.

    But my main concern here is hunger. I’m actually not doing the elimination diet you suggest, cause from the third day, I brought back rice and quinoa. Otherwise, I was eating close to 1kg of chicken a day (with some broccolis or sweet potato) and still feeling very hungry. I’m already very thin and I don’t have 50 extra pounds to lose :-/ But the hunger was just too much. Actually, I had the very same feelings that I had when I fasted for two days.

    Anyway, my question is this : how can you deal with hunger if you only eat meat ? And what about the budget ? That must really be expensive.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Kenn Macd says:

      how much fat are you eating? If you are thin then you don’t really want to use body fat for energy, so you have to eat more fat. Put LOTS of butter on your broccoli or sweet potato. rice and quinoa. Since you are eating a lot of carbs it sounds like you are constantly spiking your insulin, which is going to make you hungry when your blood sugar goes low after digesting your food. Your body does not sound like it burns fat for energy easily. I think you need to look into a ketogenic diet, and how to transition into a ketogenic diet. This is essentially the diet Mikhaila is on You only eat chicken? no fish? no beef? I don’t think Mikhaila recommended an elimination diet, she just told us what elimination diet she used. Just eating meat is less expensive for me, because I am not spending money on all the junk in the standard “a” diet.Compare the cost of the nutrition in a pound of meat, with the nutrition in an equivalent cost of grain, or legumes, or vegetables. No contest, meat is less expensive and a lot less to eat!

      • Fabien says:

        Thank you for your comment, Ken. As for yourself, how did you transition to such a diet ? Was it easy or is there a not so enjoyable period of time necessary for the body to adapt ? I heard people talking about this lack of energy when you transition to a kitogenic diet.

        I thought she recommanded to begin with the elimination diet + igg test, which is what I’m doing, more or less. (http://mikhailapeterson.com/2017/06/23/start-elimination-diet-begin-month-long-elimination-diet/)

        I’m mainly eating chicken cause it’s the cheapest. But also duck recently and some fish once in a while. Now I see that she suspects chicken to be not so good for the mood :-/ …

        How much weight of meat are you eating at each meal ? I still have trouble to figure out how you can only eat meat and not feeling hungry during the day.

        • Bliss says:

          If you are only eating meat the way to not be hungry all day is to eat meat until you are not hungry all day.
          People, a pound of beef has about 800 calories, so if you do much of anything you need to eat 2 1/2-3 pounds of meat a day.
          If you are active, you need 4 pounds or more.
          To eat only meat, that’s what you have to do.
          (I don’t eat only meat.)

          • Bliss says:

            I just ate 16 oz. green beans, 16 oz corn, and one pound of beef. That was one meal.

          • Kenn Macd says:

            well my Nutrition Almanac lists the calories in beef anywhere from 653 calories/pound (flank steak,45 gr fat 9%, 98 gr protein 21% protein) to 1.443 calories (club steak, 130 gr fat 28%, 59 gr protein 13% protein) so it`s all over the map. Mikhaila seems to prefer rib eye (1,673 calories, 156 gr fat 34%, 62 grams protein 14%)

  3. Lee Hood says:

    Sign me up for a consult when you begin them! I’m gearing up to try the ketosis diet, but am finding that my intolerances to eggs, dairy, and other high-fat foods are going to be a serious crimp in my ability to follow the guides online. I’ve been fighting this crippling digestive issue for nearly ten years and sense that this may finally be the path out. Keep up the good work!

      • Andrew Witt says:

        Here’s a question I didn’t see covered in the video here. Does she cook with Olive Oil at all? I know that months ago she mentioned she was cooking using pure olive oil but i know shes mentioned multiple times that she cant eat whole olives. The reason I ask personally is because in my current apartment I cant have a grill (no space or ventilation) and I cook on the stove top alot and that generally makes cooking Steak and Ground Beef easier. Thanks alot of all the help everyone!

        • Maija says:

          I don’t think she uses oils. Look into airfryers if you have little space, airfryer is small and fast like a microwave oven, but cooks excellent steaks. (Other stuff too.)

  4. Ville Raatikainen says:

    Mikhaila! Do you cook your meat at all? I’m on the diet now, almost 3 weeks in. But I really don’t feel like eating cooked fat, it drives me away. Also I find that it gives me issues. A lot of people seem to do this diet raw. Any thoughts?

  5. Bliss says:

    @Kenn Macd
    No Reply button under your comment.

    Those were the calories (according to a website) for 90/10 ground beef. That is the beef I mainly eat.
    798 calories, 90.7 grams of protein, for one pound.

    • Bliss says:

      I did not realize different cuts varied so much in calories. Good to know.
      So, if the cut costs more, but gives more calories per ounce, it may end up being comparble cost per calorie wise.

  6. Øystein H. says:


    I just recently started lowering my carbs to a LCHF / keto style of eating, hoping to improve my severe insomnia/depression.

    My diet as for now: fish (sardines/halibut/cod) etc, meat (lamb and beef), avocados, lots of olive oil, butter, leafy greens and collard greens…

    Am gonna try go towards even more meat, but my concern is POTASSIUM…

    How to monitor/ get enough potassium on this diet? It seems like to much or to little is not good at all 🙁

    Hmmmm…. Exhausting with all this culprits trying to eat right 🙁

    Its almost impossible to get things right! Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, D3 etc…

  7. Hamza says:

    Hello Mikhaila,

    Have you tried mushrooms. I’m thinking blazei murill for example which regulates the immune system and help with auto-immune diseases.

    What about intermittent fasting?

  8. Telk says:


    Have you looked in to Dr Jason Fung and the benefits of fasting? He’s been doing some remarkable things with people and autoimmune diseases. Some of the results he’s had are unreal. He runs a clinic in Toronto, so I’ve not been able to see him personally, but his books, and youtube lectures have been life changing with the way he addresses some diseases. Fasting in and of itself is doing the curing through a process call autophagy. If you’re interested check him out.

  9. LW says:

    Hi Mikhaila

    I was wondering if the meat diet has any to do with the blood type diets. The blood type diets suggest that the different blood types developed according to the areas people lived based on what food they had available. My Type A blood diet suggests that I should be eating mostly meat.

    Is the meat you eat organic? I assume meat that isn’t contains all sort of unnatural things that might cause issues otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    • BEN HYNES says:

      I had the same question about blood type and if you know yours. It seems like you would be an O. I’m an A as well but A’s are supposed to be mostly vegetarian as we dont have lack the enzymes that O’s have. O’s are supposed to eat mostly meat.

      • Kenn Macd says:

        Blood type diets sound good, but the proponents have been unable to explain how it would work, and there’s really no science or data even (eg. population studies) to back it up.

  10. Sean C. says:

    I’ve lost over 80lbs on keto since October 2017 but am interested in trying this carnivore diet for myself and wife as I need to lose more and she has anxiety/depression/ and fibromyalgia. But I think the most important question is, is it normal for your mom to use your dads first name when texting you about him? 😛

  11. Hello Mikhaila,

    I just wanted to say I am a huge supporter of both you and your father! Thanks to your advocacy of a meat-only diet, I decided to give “carnivory” a try. I have been doing it for less than two weeks, but the positive changes to my mental state have been extraordinary. I have had multiple problems for the majority of my life …these include severe social anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, and bipolar 2. And since having my first child in September, my symptoms have only increased. I feared I was on the brink of a psychotic break.

    However, since starting my carnivorous journey, I have experienced a reduction in symptoms that are nothing short of miraculous. A trip to the grocery store is a typically anxiety inducing, terrifying undertaking. A place where I could feel burning stares from everyone around me, a place where I knew everyone was scrutinizing my every gesture and I had nowhere to hide. It was debilitating and getting more severe each day.

    But today, I went to the store and felt nothing. I walked into the warehouse of goods and potential terrors, and for probably the first time in my life, my mind was quite. It was just my son and me in a store shopping for groceries. No burning stares. No judgement from silent critics. It was liberating.

    I hope anyone reading this who can relate will give the diet a try. I was skeptical since my whole life I had been told to eat my vegetables! Plus, I actually quite enjoy veggies :). But, I will go the rest of my life without them if it means I always get to feel this amazing.

    Thank you, Mikhaila, for giving me the courage to go against conventional wisdom and take the road less traveled to a better me! Keep up the good work!

    • Owem says:


      That is absolutely incredible to hear. I’m very happy for you! I suffer from some of those conditions and am now willing to try a carnivorous diet.

      On the off chance, do you happen to blog about your experience on the diet? I am immensely interested in following the progress of people who try this out, especially in relation to mental health.


      • Hello Owen,

        Thank you! It has been a life-changing few weeks, that is for sure. I do not have a blog… although I do love writing. I hadn’t, until recently, found the motivation. I used to be an avid reader/writer, but life became too overwhelming to handle more than basic responsibilities.

        But now, I feel like I am seeing the world in a new light! I just might start a blog. Like I mentioned in my comment, the changes have been quite miraculous! Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I am stressed. This is diet isn’t a “happy pill”. However, the stress doesn’t cripple me like it once did, nor does it turn into impending doom and severe anxiety.

        I hope you and others will give it a try! Like Mikhaila says, give it a month. A month can’t hurt..but might help! It certainly did for me.

  12. Mikhaila,

    Aside from hearing about he ankle issue, I am happy to hear that this experiment has been such a success. I have been eating relatively low carb for years as I have never tolerated carbs well at all. After reading your updates I am planning to finally give the Carnivore Diet a “try”. I actually recently bought tickets to your father’s show in September, and his appearance on JRE yesterday (discussing the diet) was kind of the tipping point with regards to giving the CD a go. His show in Jacksonville is 75 days from now so I am curious to see what results I can get in that time.

    I have my own autoimmune issues, and anxiety/depression issues…so listening to your story has been really helpful. I also know from personal experience that if given any kind of choice when it comes to food I usually screw it up, so the restrictiveness of the CD for me anyway almost makes compliance easier. I honestly think the “only water” part will be much harder than only meat, but we shall see.

    The purpose of this comment is simply to commend you for the work you are doing, to congratulate you on putting in the effort to figure it out, and to encourage you to keep doing it. I am also going to use this comment as a marker to remind myself of what I was thinking when I decided to start this.

    Thanks for sharing your story (and doing the research).

  13. Ashley Alonzo says:

    Hi Mikhaila,

    I just recently heard about your diet and the fantastic results. I’ve been watching your father for about a year now and I just watched his most recent visit with Joe Rogan where they talked about diet. He looks absolutely fantastic and the way he talks about how he feels is so amazing. My family struggles with many different autoimmune diseases and so naturally this is all very intriguing.

    I wanted to know if you have considered Oral Allergy Syndrome as a possible factor? During their discussion on the podcast Dr. Peterson mentioned how he was eating both cucumbers and lettuce before switching to all meat, those veggies in particular are usually consumed raw and that’s what peaked my interest. I ask because I’m able to eat many fruits and vegetables cooked that I can’t eat raw and I believe it’s due to OAS. The same is true of fresh, unpasteurized juice in many cases. I also have an acupuncturist friend who mentioned to me that they have success helping patients with gut issues by having them throughly cook all vegetation when putting them on a strict meat and vegetable diet.

    I’m not very disciplined with my diet, but I have found success in at least not feeling totally horrible by eliminating certain foods. I have terrible anxiety and some depression also and I’m very interested in possibly trying something more dramatic to try and help. I don’t like the idea of taking medication so if there is a way to change my lifestyle to improve, I’m willing and excited to try.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it’s quite fascinating and I wish you much success.

    Thank you,

  14. mittonman says:

    I did a search and didn’t find anything on your site, but apologize of this has been addressed before. What are your thoughts on your issues being linked to the herbicides/pesticides/fungicides used on the foods you used to eat? With studies showing things like Glyphosate in most of our food, and even the food our food eats 😉 It makes me wonder if your Dad for instance would be fine with Wild Salmon, or you with Chicken from a farm that is meticulous about its organic / all natural standards…

  15. Andreas Ravndal says:

    Hi Mikhaila. Great blog and a fan of your father is now a fan of you as well 🙂 Keep up the good work. A quick question, does your dad drink tea, coffee or alcohol any more or is it “pure” carnivore of meat and water? 🙂

  16. David Breault says:

    Hi, I watched Joe Rogan’s interview of your dad today. A hero of mine. Wow, just mind blowing what you have lived through, and now to learn that it was ALL food related. I’m so happy that you found this solution for yourself!

    I will do the IgG test for my family (some depression suffers) and myself and begin the elimination diet right away. My only question is what exactly is it. In looking through all your info so far I haven’t been able to find anywhere that says exactly what the diet is, except for “carnivore diet” meaning 100% meat I take it. Any details would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, And from the bottom of my heart I’m so happy for you.


    • Kenn Macd says:

      fibre is not needed. keep well hydrated, and take extra salt (I think 1-2 teaspoon per day would be OK)

  17. Wesley says:

    Hello there,

    I’m very interested in a meat only diet.

    I know i can do it, but i think cutting out fruits will be very hard.

    Do you have any recommendations concerning fruits? I thought i once heard chris bell talk about the fact that he eats a meat only diet (on the JRE podcast), and occasionally eats fruit. I think according to him there’s some data on it that those carbs don’t mess up the body’s reliance on fats and protein as a main full source. But maybe it has the same effect as the greens do, and mess up the ”magic” of a meat only diet.

    Right now i am eating a lot of carbs. Bread, potatoes, rice. Do you recommend gradually going to a meat only diet (mostly/only beef), or is going cold turkey also okay?

    Thank you very much.

    • Ville Raatikainen says:

      Cold turkey can be quite devastating. My experience was so horrible that it made me disbelieve that this diet was for me. If you’re coming from a high carb diet, especially with refined carbs and such, I’d say you definitely don’t want to make quick changes. If you do, you’ll get a terrible keto-flu, bacteria die off (herxheimer reaction), detox and adaptation symptoms all at the same time. Now how severe this would be depends on your current health (mainly gut but general health as well), age, sleep quality (which would suffer though) etc. But trust me, the symptoms that I got literally felt like I was dying so I had to back off, it wasn’t pleasant. I came from a high carb, grain, refined carb, preservative-unavoided diet and went almost instantly to nothing but meat and greens.

      If I were you I’d remove the refined stuff first and move to a moderate carb paleo diet. This means only real food, nothing refined, no grains/legumes/beans/soy etc., no preservatives. Just mostly sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, artichokes & fruits as carbs. If you get aggravation from the transition, wait for it to ease off and move on dropping those carbs like 10g every other day to avoid the keto-flu. Once you’ve done this gradually in a moderate length of time it shouldn’t cause any issues and at this point transitioning from the fatty meat/fruit/vegetable diet to the carnivore diet shouldn’t cause much aggravation. During this if things get unbearable just ease on the change a little bit and go even slower. It’s worth it.
      Also if you do the transition faster it’s basically extra pain, since the slower you do it the better your body adapts because it’s not under such stress.

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  18. Chris says:

    Hi M!

    Just wondering if you are still taking Antidepressants or not? Did the diet eliminate the need for the AD?

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