Never Too Late To Correct A Bad Diet

This is written by Terry Town.

“Hi, I’m a 67 year old Canadian male who endured 40+ years of ongoing health problems that included obesity (even when engaging 10K treadmill 6 days per week). Reaching the age of 60, I was pre-diabetic with low energy and most often had some degree of mind fog.

I have been engaged in correcting the nutrition disinformation since Oct 2011 when our daughter was diagnosed with “gluten Intolerance”. Personally not knowing what the specifics were for that malady, I Googled the terminology and the internet coughed up a link to the just-published book, Wheat Belly written by William Davis. As I had been fighting weight gain for most of my life (and doing 10K on the treadmill for 6 days a week) and still gaining weight, I knew there had to be a better way to regain my health. Yes, there were many other personal health issues surfacing such as pre-diabetes (with all the ravenous hunger swings) as well as high blood pressure, arthritic joints in my hands and at least 40 years of undiagnosed body inflammation bouts (such as chronic nasal cavity swelling) that doctors were perplexed to remedy other than just dealing with the symptoms when they got out of hand.

Being one who jumps into the deep end of the pool, I went cold turkey into LCHF without turning on my bodies fat-burning metabolism, and several weeks later I woke up and felt my body going into shutdown mode and ended up an hour later in an emergency clinic in Jakarta Indonesia (I was working as Far East regional manager for a USA tool company) diagnosed with 0% blood glucose. Stupid me…. I should have gradually worked toward fat burning mode. That being said, all other personal health biometrics rapidly improved, and I quickly shed approximately 60 lbs and regained a huge enthusiasm for life in general.

After that, looking around at friends, family & co-workers, I became evangelical about traditional nutrition and started on the path to right the dietary guideline wrongs that were thrust at us approximately 38 years ago. I’m sure that many of you know even better than I do, just how difficult it is to sway the nutrition argument away from the current Western food guide that touts high carb intake and vilifies saturated fat and animal products in general.

Forward to today after relocating back to British Columbia, Canada, I have spent countless days researching and gathering information on LCHF as well as associated bio-hacks that bolster well being. This information is now engaged at my personal web blog for those who care to know more.”

One thought on “Never Too Late To Correct A Bad Diet

  1. Kenn Macdonald says:

    Wow. Well you jumped into the deep end for sure, and obviously learned how to swim, though it sounds like you almost drowned! I also transitioned to keto, though a bit more slowly than you, and have become somewhat evangelical also. will look at your blog, thanks.
    and thanks Mikhaila

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