Worst Offenders to Safest Foods – And Why Vegans Get Better

This is a list of foods that I found irritated me the most to the least. If I’ve missed any foods, please comment. I know it comes off as a random/quack list of foods, but I’ve put some thought into it, and this is how my body has reacted.

Why Vegans Feel Better:

If you eliminate the first 3 on this list you should see quite an improvement.

This is part of the reason going vegan makes people feel so much better (depending on the person of course). The first three foods are really hard on people. Eliminating dairy can really help. Going vegetarian is probably the worst thing you can do, you end up eating grains and dairy and eliminating meat. Increase your consumption of soy to replace meat and you’re in even worse shape. Not a good idea. At least going vegan eliminates dairy. They just lump meat in there and end up getting rid of the safest food. So I understand people who have changed the way they ate, gone plant-based, and felt better. Hell, the people who go gluten-free vegan and limit their sugar intake have already eliminated the top three harmful foods. No wonder they feel better. Gluten and dairy and sugar are not good. But meat can’t be lumped in there just because it’s an animal product. People need it in order to really thrive.

If you eliminate the first 6, even better. I would say the first 12 items really bothered me, but not as bad as the first 6. Go all the way to greens and meat, even better, or even just meat.

Worst  to Best

  1. Gluten-containing grains: wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut
  2. Dairy
  3. Cane Sugar
  4. Soy
  5. Citrus fruits
  6. Legumes (including peanuts) and bananas and melons
  7. Other grains – rice, quinoa
  8. Figs
  9. Canola oil
  10. Potatoes
  11. Almonds
  12. Green Cabbage
  13. Squash
  14. Grapes
  15. Plums
  16. Berries
  17. Peaches and nectarines
  18. Pears and apples
  19. Macadamia nuts (people seem to tolerate these better than other nuts)
  20. Avocado
  21. Red Cabbage
  22. Coconut flesh
  23. Black pepper
  24. Olives
  25. Greens – lettuce, arugula, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard
  26. Tea – peppermint and black
  27. Coconut oil and olive oil
  28. Fish
  29. Chicken
  30. Beef
  31. Salt
  32. Water

Things I don’t know/really have an opinion about:

  • Coffee – from what I’ve read, as long as you get high-quality coffee it doesn’t seem to be nearly as bad as some of these foods. I don’t really have an opinion on this. Dad had a bad reaction to it, so did Andrey, but some people seem to be able to tolerate it.
  • Pork – Dad reacts to pork, but Andrey can eat it. This seems to depend on the person.
  • Cocao – I tried to reintroduce this, pure. It didn’t seem to bother me that much, but completely got rid of my appetite. Plus it’s not thatttt tasty without the sugar anyway.


  • I can tolerate the minerals they add to sparkling water (potassium citrate, etc.)
  • I can take activated charcoal. I use this before I go to bed if I drink.
  • I can drink vodka and bourbon and not suffer for too long afterward. I’ll be a bit stiff, and have a hangover, but that’s about it. Other alcohols have additives I react to.


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98 thoughts on “Worst Offenders to Safest Foods – And Why Vegans Get Better

  1. Healthy Living says:

    A plant-based diet is the only one which has shown to reverse heart blockages and cancer.

    There is no other diet on the Planet, which can say this.

    Cancer risk is increased with the IGN from Meat.

    Here is a link to the results of the study.


    Whole grain plant-based is not Vegan.

    Plant-based is:

    – No Refined Sugar.

    – No Processed Food.

    – No Meat, Eggs or Dairy.

    – No oil.

    – Limited nuts.

    Many vegans eat fast food, soda, and other nasties. Which is not a healthy diet.

  2. Valtteri Laine says:

    Why is red and green cabbage so bad? And why almonds of all the different nuts? Also bananas and melons grouped with legumes confuses me.

    I totally agree thought with most of the good and bad foods, and on why vegans feels better after adopting their diet.

      • Rodo says:

        I agree, actually green cabbage has more Oligos than red cabbage and that’s why it’s worse. Almonds are among the nuts with higher content of oligos. And Bananas (ripe) Oligos, as well.

  3. MM says:

    I laughed so hard at the list of foods from worst to best.
    Thank you for making my day. Fruits nuts etc are supposed to be the worst while beef etc the best. LMFAO.
    For your information, for thousands of years it’s been a known fact that peanuts is a diet in and of itself due to its nutritional makeup. On the other side it’s also a fact that if you eat another mammal, you are going to create a lot of imbalances in the body and you won’t be on this planet for too long since humans are mammals and the human body has a very hard time breaking down the energetic and genetic makeup of another mammal and make it its own. Plus meat remains in the system for at least a good 12 hours therefore it ruts. Rotten food is not digested properly and whatever is in it that made you eat it in the first place won’t really be used by the body since it simply wants to get rid of it due to excessive bacterial activity.
    But I am extending my love to you. It wasn’t meant to be an insult. But the amount of misinformation on the internet is mind boggling.

    • Lacey says:

      I remember watching a lecture a while back by a man advocating for a vegan diet, and the long digestive system of the human being was one thing he pointed out.
      I have read in the book “eating alive” that the digestive system gets into either an acidic or alkaline environment depending on what you eat – Acidic for proteins to help break them down, and alkaline for carbs. Something like that.
      I believe consistently eating only one kind of natural food could most definitely get the guts into a digestive rhythm, and I doubt the meat would sit around long enough to rot and become carcinogenic. As far as I know most beef is aged anyways, becoming somewhat fermented and so partially broken down, and then it’s cooked which makes it even easier to eat, so it’s not the same kind of impact as fresh, raw meat that wild carnivores eat.
      When someone is talking about a food experimentation that they’ve personally tried and feel healthier on, it’s pretty rude to have such a judgemental attitude. Humans have developed different gut systems all across the world, and now that we’re so mixed up there are absolutely going to be people who can’t eat the same diet as others. If you feel good eating fruits and nuts then that’s great, but some people legitimately get ill on that kind of stuff. Some people get ill on meat – I have a friend who can’t eat beef or any cow products. I personally feel great when I eat lots of meat, and I’m beginning to notice that I feel bad when I eat tomatoes. All different.
      And you say that “it’s a known fact” that peanuts are a diet in and of themselves…ok, but given that so many people are deathly allergic to them, it stands to reason that many people may be sensitive to them. Just because they’re rich in compounds doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Actually, every single thing you list as a “fact” is just your opinion, and you might want to be more conservative with that word.

    • Andrei says:

      And I guess we developed shoulders capable of throwing sharp objects at 80+ miles an hour just for recreation right? or was it to hunt those pesky peanuts. People are different based on their genetic makeup and can tolerate different foods. It’s just that meat seems to be the least alergenic to the least amount of people.

    • Serge says:

      Error … peanuts have been discovered in south America, that would be after Colombus found it less than 500 years ago so forget about your “thousands of years” buddy.

    • CSFurious says:

      Your post made me laugh out loud, i.e., “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.

  4. I did not laugh so hard when I read it.
    It was one person (the creator of this blog that no one is forced to visit) sharing their personal experience, and I appreciated it.
    I eat peanut butter regularly and haven’t noticed any problems. That’s me, currently.
    MM, how about you share what works for you?

  5. Leslie Worthington says:

    Very intetesting. But what about all the vitamins minerals and enzymes that you get from healthy fruits and vegetables? How do you get enough vitamins minerals and enzymes from just eating a carnivorous diet?

    • Melissa says:

      I was wondering the same thing. How does one get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that the body needs just by eating a carnivore diet? For example, I’ve been on a low-carb diet since last May (lost over 40 pounds), but I was always experiencing severe headaches on and off, hair loss, and not to mention the fatigue that comes with eating a low-carb diet. I’m really amazed at how this can be done without experiencing all these side effects?

  6. Tara says:

    Mellissa, when you mention the side affect of fatigue, I can relate On very low carb, my aches and pains disappear and my mood is lifted, however, I still experience a lack of energy and a often dizzyness. Constipation is another problem. When I reintroduce rice and oatmeal, those symptoms go away. Not sure what’s happening.

    • Rodo says:

      Maybe you and Melissa are just not consuming enough calories? I had those symptoms under the low-carb diet (headaches, fatigue, dizzyness), they disappered as I started consuming more calories (protein and fat). Eating regullarly, not skiping meals, and having enough sleep where key steps as well.

  7. Treefarmer says:

    Since allergies aren’t an issue for me, I keep it simple. Just avoid all high glycemic index foods. They make you get fat and sick.

  8. Jane says:

    Thanks, Mikhaila. I am happy for your successes and am interested in trying an elimination diet. I just have a few questions. So cutting down to meat and greens is pretty universally beneficial? It’s not related to one’s blood type or ancestry? Also, do you think part of your success may be due to the factors behind food combining? Thanks!

  9. Rhonda Lynn says:

    I’ve been LCHF for 15 months and after losing an initial 30# and feeling great weight loss stalled in November and now feel tired & achy again. I’m considering going carnivore to see how I feel. Do I have to give up coconut oil & butter/ghee? I use coconut oil in my coffee & cook with butter/ghee. Do I also need to give up all spices like onion & garlic powder?

  10. Bliss says:

    It is interesting to watch all of the questions pour in to Mikhaila and she may have answers for you all…I may be wrong, but from what I can tell, Mikhaila is sharing what is working for her. She is not writing a rule book for all to blindly follow.
    I am not sure she can tell you whether or not it is okay for you to use coconut oil.

    • Olliesaunt says:

      Exactly Bliss. People don’t seem to get that you need to figure out what works for you personally as no two people are exactly the same. I recommend this website which teaches you how to kind of experiment on yourself https://biohacku.com/

  11. alagiz says:

    I am sorry, but this is rubbish.
    I had different sort of diseases until I excluded meat, effectively becoming a vegetarian.
    General statements like “Going vegetarian is probably the worst thing you can do” are worth nothing.
    It is all individual, if something helped you, doesn’t mean it will help others.

  12. Bliss says:

    Perhaps everyone should read Mikhaila’s earlier posts.
    She eats beef, sparkling water (because she is a princess), and salt.

  13. Nathen says:

    Has anybody here tried a Vegan Keto diet for any extended period of time? I’ve been a Vegan for 3 years and i still feel like i could feel much better. I also struggle with Anxiety, Depression and ‘Brainn Fog’. Just curious to know if its easy to do.

  14. FatJack says:

    For honest seekers who appreciate some facts to go along with their journey of discovery, I highly recommend this book: https://www.primalbody-primalmind.com/primalfatburner/ I personally own it and have read it myself. The science is well-researched and you can make an appropriate judgment after considering everything that the author has suggested. If you have no facts, it’s just your opinion. I am celiac, overweight, I have thyroid issues, and a host of other issues that I wish would go away. Health is a personal journey and definitely not “one size fits all” to suggest otherwise is just ignorant.

  15. Hi Mikhaila-
    Thank you for sharing all of your experiences. They are very insightful and inspiring.
    What are your thoughts on good quality maple syrup and/or honey?
    Also, green tea.
    Thank you!
    PS Your recent video of your dad with your daughter is the sweetest thing. Love the music, too.

  16. BigMac says:

    Possible issue with coffee and pork could be the histamine content. I have had to remove all histamine foods from my diet. This includes pork, coffee, even cheese. Whiskey and bourbon also seems to be out, unless I dilute it with a bit of water

  17. Ike says:

    Hello Mikhaila, where does apple cider vinegar, stevia, and 5 htp (Brand?) rank on this list? What brands of sparkling water do you drink, and have you tried lacroix sparkling water? It’s naturally flavored, but not sweetened, not even with artificial sweeteners. Last but not least, what brand of activated charcoal do you use, and do you take it in a powder, pill or capsule?

    • Apple cider and 5htp are very low on the lost. Stevia made me dizzy but not much other than that. I drink any sparkling water that doesn’t have flavouring added (minerals are fine). I have a sodastream so usually I make my own. And I buy powdered activated charcoal and mix it with water so there’s no capsule. Anything that’s made from coconut seems good! As long as it’s unflavoured and pure.

      • Ike says:

        Thank you for the swift response :). What brand of 5htp do you use, I’m often alarmed by how the same supplement has different ingredients depending on the brand. Last but not least, between which foods would you place stevia, acv and 5htp. I’m being thorough because my reactions are pretty consistent with yours and I’d rather know whether they make you feel funny, like chicken, or if they’re low level causes of a reaction like lettuce.Who has a month to give depression the spotlight, amirite?


        • Acv is right at the bottom. That’s one of the last things I cut out. Pretty safe, like coconut oil. Stevia I’m not sure what happened. It wasn’t a month of depression. I’ll find the brand of 5htp but eventually I just bought powder and gelatin capsules.

          • Ike says:

            I really appreciate it 🙂 thanks a bunch. Not just for the responses, but for all of this. Found out about you around this time last year, and I’m finally getting some consistent improvement now that I’m starting to give up on the idea of comfort food. If they could give Nobel prizes to families, I’d nominate yours.

  18. Kenny De Metter says:

    Given that canola oil , coconut oil , and olive oil is on your list of foods not to eat, how do you bake your meat ?

  19. Bliss says:

    Where I live there is no oven.
    I put frozen vegetables in a pot of water, along with a chunk of meat and let it all boil. Then I drain the water, cut the meat up and mix it all together.

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