Astonished by the impact Mikhaila’s diet has made on my life.

This post is from Jim. Thanks for sharing, glad you’re feeling better 🙂 (UPDATE: Part 2 is here)

“I’m ultra skeptical about dietary fads so when I stumbled upon a video of Mikhaila’s dad discussing a special diet, I was perplexed. I don’t fully agree with everything he says but I do enjoy his work and he’s made an oft-overlooked point (i believe on an h3h3 productions video) that poor dietary habits contribute to people not taking on real responsibility for their lives. I’d love to discuss that but do not want to get too off topic so I digress.

Please read Mikhaila’s bio to see how her diet’s helped her and her family if you haven’t done so already.
it’s done wonders for my life. I’ve been on meat and greens for just 2 weeks and I’ve lost 2-3 kg but the most astonishing change is my energy levels. I sleep early, have a restful unbroken sleep, wake up earlier, have energy, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I feel hugely motivated every day. I used to always take a nap after work but I now come home feeling completely awake. I have 2 eggs and a half avocado in the morning and I am not hungry until 6 pm.
I used to work out (and gained a lot of muscle mass) and always thought carbs were a body’s primary source of energy. I am so mindblown by how wrong I was. on Mikhaila’s meat and greens diet, I’ve never felt so energized, with consistent slow-burning energy too. I cannot stress how important it is to CUT OUT CARBS. it feels as if carbs have been the main culprit of my lethargy.

I never thought I’d ever take a moment out of my life to praise a diet on the internet but people need to know the truth. I acknowledge that everyone is different and that Japanese people live absurdly long despite eating a lot of carbs, but I believe that her diet may help a lot of people in western countries who’ve had poor eating habits filled with processed carbs such as me.

Now that I’ve covered all the benefits, I’d like to address that with zero carbs- I do crave lollies, pasta, rice, pizza like an absolute fiend. I also do not drink alcohol anymore (luckily I don’t do it much anyway), and when going out, unfortunately about 99% of eatery menu items have carbs
I’m going to write another testimony in a few months to update everyone on my lifestyle re weight loss if energy’s still good etc.
but please try it out. For one morning have some eggs cooked in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a generous serving of avocado, with protein if you can (e.g. chicken or fish). eliminate ALL CARBS~~ and see how you feel. I couldn’t believe I didn’t get hungry until night time… that was just the beginning. I cant imagine how I’ll look and feel in a few months.

Many thanks to you Mikhaila and your father. Thank you !!!

I’d also like to summarise my diet food wise now: meats fried in extra virgin olive oil- steak, chicken, fish/avocados / leafy greens/peanut butter (spoonful for a snack) / lots of eggs /
Soft drink substitutes: lemon-ginger tea/almond milk


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  1. AK says:

    Just wanted to throw this out there (as the post mentions eggs) – if you have problems with chicken eggs, try duck eggs, which tend to be a lot less allergenic. I’ve not been tested for chicken egg allergy but I get obvious tiredness and slight itching if I eat them. However, I don’t seem to have any problems with duck eggs, which are far more nutritious than chicken eggs (and most people think taste a lot better).

    Eggs for me is what I would call an opportunist “food” rather than a food we evolved to eat (land animals). I would throw seafood into the same category. But if you can eat them, they are great.

    Hope that helps someone.

    • Erik Johansson says:

      We evolved to eat those big land animals like cows, pigs etc?
      I don’t know… I would think smaller animals and fish?

      • Chris says:

        Nah negroe. We hunted them down like motherfkers long before we learned how to catch fish. Although it was probably more small game like rabbits, birds and whatever. You just knock em with a stone, bam! Dinner served.

  2. Mike says:

    Excellent story!

    The SAD diet is killing people.

    There are only two types of life forms which suffer from Cancer and Heart attacks.

    Humans and their pets!

    Yes, you can find rare instances in other forms of life. While it is rare.

    The massive changed occurred in the 1970’s in the USA. Before that time, there were no documented cases of childhood diabetes. Today children are dying from a heart attack at age 8. In 2015, 30.3 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population, had diabetes.

    The food is literally eating your alive.

    • Meat eater says:

      That guy, with all respect to you, is a complete nutcase. If you google ‘critique of…’ (insert latest fad diet book writer here), you will get some scientific insight into why you shouldn’t follow the latest fad diet books. Honestly, Wheat Belly, Plant Paradox.. .all the same. Ask yourself this.. if peanuts were ‘bad’ or poisonous (well the mould is but not all countries have that problem with their peanuts) why are legumes known to be so good for you. What’s not good in peanut butter is the addition of canola oil. Why do healthy people with nothing wrong with them enjoy a diet of wheat and peanuts etc etc etc. OK, some people react to some foods and proteins, and with more splicing of genes there are some issue for allergies arising, but on the whole, unless you are anaemic there is no real reason to fear phytate containing foods. If you develop food issues based on doctors writing books, who know really nothing about nutrition and are not even scientifically trained, and can’t hardly read research studies unless they’ve studied biostatistic, you will end up not eating anything, and that’s ultimately unhealthy.

  3. rose says:

    Eggs?! She should have an IgG test asap. It’s amazing that so many have eggs show up on those tests, I used to think they are healthy.

  4. rose says:

    Eggs?! She should have an IgG test. It’s amazing that so many have eggs show up on those tests, I used to think they are healthy.

  5. SteveK says:

    These “diet fad” stories are very suspect and should be vetted by a qualified person like a doctor or dietician. Why are you posting miracle cures with no objective medical confirmation? What are you trying to do here?

    • AK says:

      I might be mistaken but I think she is encouraging people to share their experiences with different diets and welcoming critical analysis and open discussion to give people a different perspective in the hope they might be able to learn something through dialogue and self-experimentation that would improve their health and quality of life.

      BTW “qualified person like a doctor or dietitian” – I’ve had autoimmune problems my whole life, which are now largely under control. Since I was a kid my doctors always encouraged me to tell them what I absorbed (to quote one I saw about chronic eczema “I am here to help you but also to learn from you”). If a qualified dietitian (who I am not trying to trash) is going to start saying stuff that reflects the food pyramid then they would seem to be very mistaken (at least for my own genetics/biology), even if they mean the best.

      Genetics vary wildly amongst homo sapiens in regards to their food requirements/tolerances. In an age where people are told to drink X glasses of milk daily, eat grains, reduce meat and avoid saturated fat (just like human beings have NEVER done), it is very important for people such as Mikhaila to present her story to others.

      Nobody here is trying to claim ultimate authority on diet.

      People used to think smoking was healthy. Things change. Ideas change. And ideas change through research, collaboration and discussion.

      • verklempt says:

        I believe you when you say you cured yourself. It’s not only informative, it’s a miracle. I wish you continued good health on your meat diet.

    • Fernanda says:

      Vetted by a dietician or a doctor? You must be joking, they follow the infamous ‘government guidelines’, judging by the levels of obesity and diabetes we can see how good their advice is.

      • Hugo says:

        Maybe the reality is: big dairy/sugar companies use their money to influence the governement decisions, and then the governement decisions influence the health universities… So we have a dairy/sugar influenced food pyramid. And since our life is ruled but trust, we keep eating what is harmful, because we believe in the governement, universities and the whole propaganda.

    • Chris says:

      Hello, qualified person like a doctor here. Just wanted to let you know that in my pursuit of truth I have finally learned enough to know that nobody knows sh*t about sh*t. And just to enlighten you, all science needs to be proven by experiments, which either build upon previous experiments aka already proven science or, you’ve guessed it, rumors and gut feelings, such as people’s own experiences.

      Have a great day!

      PS. Thank you Mikhaila for pioneering with this blog and giving us food rebels a rallying point! Will be starting my elimination diet today, after having seen your story on YouTube in a clip with you and your dad, from where I found this blog. Just want you both to know that you are two wonderful people and you do a lot of good in this world! I’m sorry for all the hard times you’ve been through with disease as well as all the bullshit your dad and thereby I guess your whole family has had to put up with in recent times, though people seem to be getting the point(s) he is making more and more and hopefully will get off his case soon (although it is great PR). And I hope it doesn’t bother you if people always bring up your dad when they’re talking with you but I just needed to say this 😀 anyway this post was meant to be a thankssaying directed to you and I will be looking forward to exploring your blog more in the days to come. Keep up the great work! And congratulations on the baby!! 🙂

  6. SteveK, Mikhaila has made it clear that these are personal anecdotes, not scientific proof. It’s unlikely anyone is going to be harmed by trying a diet of meat and greens — certainly not any more than Americans have been harmed by government guidelines on diet. More power to her!

  7. Meat eater says:

    I went ‘almost’ ketogenic a few years ago and can totally understand that feeling of energy and better sleep and joy at watching the tummy disappear. In my case I did a healthy low carb, same kind of thing, breakfast was fish and greens, or eggs and avocado and green salad, that kind of thing. Berries for fruit. Nuts and salmon and salads and eggs. I actually lost twenty kilos quite quickly, to get down to a pre-babies weight for my child’s wedding and looked, i must say, fabulous! The side effect was lowered blood pressure, and loss of aches and pains, but very VERY high BAD cholesterol. THE LDL. Anyway it was a very healthy diet, but not sustainable in a family context. Alas, as time went on I put all the weight back on and more within a year, and it was triggered by eating a single piece of pecan pie. That sugar just switched on a light, and I had cravings for food that I had removed from my diet, and that resulted in me being back where I started, with the high blood pressure and stuff again, but this time, to avoid a rebound which is apparently natures way of dealing with starvation, I’m being a little more sensible and having healthy grains like buckwheat and quinoa instead of avoiding all together so my diet is more of a lower carb, healthier one with fruits as well. I’m making slow progress by eating less energy overall, but yes, I do remember the days of being able to cycle for hours and hours and hours just on a few nuts for fuel. I’d go ketogenic or very low carb again if I had to, but for me its not sustainable and doesn’t fit into a family food regime, not when the other members of the family enjoy pasta and bread and root vegetables which are all healthy in the context of a balanced diet (really). Interestingly, my husband never has problems with weight or blood pressure and he eats a very high carbohydrate diet.

  8. g.sartor says:

    I went zerocarb carnivore like Mikhaila and within 24 hours all my cravings were gone. It’s only been just over a month and aside from losing weight and feeling alive like I haven’t for god knows how long, the arthritic knee I’m slated to have replaced seems to have started healing itself.

    • Robert says:

      Jesus has intervened in your miraculous recovery…. and going carnivorous is a blessing in disguise. Dominus vosbiscus…

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