Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Lion Diet

Hi guys

So Dad’s going on the zero carb diet – that’s the all meat, carnivore diet. With salt and sparkling water.


He had good results with the previous diets. In the greater scheme of things, I would say excellent results. We managed to keep the extreme depressive episodes away, he’s off medication, he lost 50+ pounds, his autoimmune symptoms went away. All in all, great results.

So why the change? He’s doing it for almost the same reason as I did. His anxiety still isn’t under control. It’s under control enough to not need medication, but he still wakes up in the morning with the dread feeling. I had this before I went zero-carb too. Dread, in the morning, fading off by the evening. A little bit too much volatility. Still not a great way to live, even if it’s not full blown depression. His switch over shouldn’t really be that dramatic considering he’s only eating meat and greens right now. There won’t be any cravings. He told me he woke up this morning and figured he didn’t want to live with the anxiety anymore, so he’d give it a try.

I’ll keep everyone posted, and probably do an update in about a week. Mom’s on it, and her arthritis is gone. Dad mentioned that her skin and her legs look better than they have for 10 years.

178 thoughts on “Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Lion Diet

  1. Benjamin says:

    Mikhaila, I saw on a video that you have low-ish zinc and vitamin d.

    I also have low zinc and vitamin d…no matter what I do.

    I also have bizarre reactions to lots of foods…not true anaphylactic allergies…but I DO have psychological reactions….systemic inflammatory reactions….skin reactions…etc. It’s a nightmare. I’m going to try what you are doing.

    I read about something called Pyroluria where it makes you pee out excessive amounts of zinc. I’m not sure if this is legit, but I’m looking into this. Dr. Klinghardt (lyme doc) talks about this.

    Evidently, borrelia can cause this (according to Dr. Klinghardt). Also, I think that borrelia (“lyme disease”) can also suppress vitamin D levels by blocking the vitamin d receptors. Again, I’m trying to look into this because I thought it was weird that my only abnormal labs were the same as yours.

    I have arthritis, but I tested negative for the rheumatoid factor. My arthritis is nowhere near as sever as yours, though.

    I have Northern European ancestry….which could possibly predispose me to a lot of autoimmune/autoinflammatory issues also…according to some research.

  2. Tulio Miranda says:

    Hello, Mikhaila.
    I’ve grown interested in this diet since I’ve heard Peterson talk about it for the first time. I have a tough routine and a barely eat at all across they day. And the fact that I have been improving weight puzzles me a lot. I’ll give it a try.
    Can you share more details with me about that ?

    best regards,

    TĂșlio Miranda

  3. France Ciel d'August says:

    I to have suffered from food for years …. No carbs is best for me so far… I have learned I have something called a Brewers Gut… My body turns food to sugar as is natural but then turns all the sugar into alcohol…. So I have liver issues and am in a constant state like a hangover…. I seem to be allergic to most all foods and have had experiences were I reacted with over the top symptoms like you Mikhalia… to where I’m afraid to eat anything new … I did figure out I had sticky blood.. but the doctors in the US .. have much higher safe levels for the Lab. blood draws.. then they do in Europe.. There they call sticky blood ” Hughes Syndrome” …. I found supplements to thin my blood which stopped my TIA’S and other symptoms.. Without the internet to research I’m sure I would be dead by now … So please continue your work in educating people that no matter how odd your own journey with food Do Not listen to anyone but yourself .. your body … It won’t lie to you.. Another thing I will add as one of the responders to your Blog added .. that is he has Aspergers … and I have Aspergers … Could be nothing but my research into Aspergers shows that most people have health issues mostly from food … I thought this was worth mentioning .. Bless you my dear ….. and Thanks for your refreshing honesty and openness ……… Hugs France

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