Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Diet – Zero Carb

Hi guys

So Dad’s going on the zero carb diet – that’s the all meat, carnivore diet. With salt and sparkling water.


He had good results with the previous diets. In the greater scheme of things, I would say excellent results. We managed to keep the extreme depressive episodes away, he’s off medication, he lost 50+ pounds, his autoimmune symptoms went away. All in all, great results.

So why the change? He’s doing it for almost the same reason as I did. His anxiety still isn’t under control. It’s under control enough to not need medication, but he still wakes up in the morning with the dread feeling. I had this before I went zero-carb too. Dread, in the morning, fading off by the evening. A little bit too much volatility. Still not a great way to live, even if it’s not full blown depression. His switch over shouldn’t really be that dramatic considering he’s only eating meat and greens right now. There won’t be any cravings. He told me he woke up this morning and figured he didn’t want to live with the anxiety anymore, so he’d give it a try.

I’ll keep everyone posted, and probably do an update in about a week. Mom’s on it, and her arthritis is gone. Dad mentioned that her skin and her legs look better than they have for 10 years.

178 thoughts on “Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Diet – Zero Carb

  1. tonya says:

    After listening to Joe Rogan’s interview with your dad discussing the carnivore diet. Had a few questions for u. Do u only eat beef? Do u use any spices? Is your meat special- grain fed, antibiotic/hormone free etc? Going to give it go!

    • Daniel Jupp says:

      Dr. Peterson said he eats only beef now and uses only salt for seasoning. I’m not sure if he’d always have the option of antibiotic/hormone free or special grain feed since he’s been on the road with Dave Rubin recently. I’ve been adding more beef protein to my diet and cutting back on carbs but going full carnivore is probably not necessary since I’m fairly healthy.

    • Kenn Macd says:

      apparently chicken is not high in nutrition. (you can do a web search om vitamins/minerals on meats). How about Pork? Fish? Lamb? Goat?

    • Lewis says:

      If you are the whole chicken and organs I’m sure it could be done. Just don’t eat only chicken wings every day! No anecdotal evidence to say it can’t be done!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Has your dad looked into Vitamin D deficiency? I had major depressive symptoms and found our my Vitamin D level was at 25 (should be about 70-80), started taking a K2 + D3 (5,000 IU’s a day) supplement (important to take those together), my depression/anxiety went away, and my level raised to 67 within two months! See a lot of people with questions and if anyone is looking for recipe books/meal plans for a strict keto diet then search for Maria Emmerich. Her book “Keto” is a wealth of information and there’s also a Keto Facebook page where she and her husband try to inform people on this way of life.

  3. Charlotte Price says:

    dear Mikhaila,

    When I heard your dad talking to Joe Rogan recently, he mentioned leg cramps. I’ve been carnivore for two months and my feet and legs are cramping so badly it wakes me up at night. Some people suggest electrolytes but I want to be careful there too because magnesium gives me diarrhea. Did your dad solve this?I’m exhausted from getting woken up. And the pain is quite intense.


  4. Charlotte Price says:

    Is Celtic sea salt ok? Or only Himilayan? I heavily salt my food and I don’t know how much more I can take…. how much do you take?

    • I’ll measure it out in the next couple of days and see how much I actually eat. I don’t know if there’s a difference. I take himalayan but I can’t imagine that would make much of a difference. Have you tried potassium? They make pure potassium powder as well that is fairly salty. It might be worth experimenting with that as well. I’ll update the blog about salt on Thursday

  5. Charlotte Price says:

    Yes I’m taking trace minerals potassium. Helps me feel better overall but the cramps continue.

    Thank you for responding so quickly. It’s really kind. I can kind of feel like I’m in the desert on this diet. If I mention problems with it, most people would tell me I’m nuts to be on it, especially since I didn’t go on it to solve my own major health issues, but to accompany my diabetic husband and friend with heart disease, both of whom wanted to give it a try.

    My major benefit has been the joy of being released from thinking about buying and cooking food, the total simplicity of it and the space that leaves in my life. But now with this symptom, I’m back to thinking about it….

    • Well good luck! I had cramps in May. No idea why it took that long and I’m not entirely sure why they went away but I havent had any since the beginning of June. And I did up my salt intake but that’s it…

  6. Lindsey Janiszewski says:

    The diarrhea could just be the type of magnesium that you take. Mag Citrate loosens stools but Magnesium Glycinate is safe for most people and is the most absorbable form. I take 400-800 mg a day of Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Chelated brand. It’s gluten and soy free:)

    • Charlotte Price says:

      Thank you for magnesium recommendation. I have upped the salt intake and am taking 400 mg magnesium. After two days, the cramps are virtually gone and I’m sleeping! The magnesium knocks me out.

  7. Jenny Tennant says:

    I have a home flock of range chickens for meat and eggs. I don’t see eggs mentioned here, so what are your thoughts? Both eggs & meat from my flock are far more flavorful (and the meat tougher) than those commercially produced.

    • I didn’t tolerate eggs very well at all. I’d recommend leaving them out for the first month so you can reintroduce and see how they make you feel

  8. John Prescott says:

    Listening to yourself and your father has inspired me. I can commit, but hate to lose my Fibre One (no sugar, but 25g in carbs), blueberries, and the skim milk. (I like the fibre) Gut feeling is that you are going to say ditch Fibre One serving. True?

  9. Hi Mikhaila – How do you get around food becoming boring if you just eat meat continuously? What are your thoughts on coffee – the beverage of life 🙂 ? Cheers

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