TVO Segments on Depression

I figured this should go on the blog. That video, from The Agenda with Steve Paikin, is before I knew about diet at all. I was in rough shape to be completely honest. See for yourself.

A video from a couple of years later is here. If I were to do a video now, I’d be even clearer. That was when I was still reacting to some foods. I had improved drastically but I was still anxious and a bit brain foggy. I believe it was a couple of days after I tried to reintroduce whey protein powder and before the majority of the reaction hit. You can see I have puffiness around my eyes that’s caused from the reaction.

14 thoughts on “TVO Segments on Depression

  1. Peggy says:

    This is probably something you’ve already considered, but just in case I’ll mention it here with your best interest in mind: have you had your vitamin D level tested? It is associated with all manner of health issues. Being in Canada, you likely don’t get enough UVB radiation to make vitamin D from the sun. The sun must be 50 degrees or higher in the sky for UVB from the sun to get to the earth and hit your skin. The US Naval Observatory maintains a database that will tell you when the sun’s path rises above 50 degrees for your location. Looking for solar altitude for Toronto, the sun doesn’t rise above 50 degrees in the sky until April every year, and stops rising above 50 degrees sometime in September annually. You would have to be outside when the sun is at its highest (near noon) with exposed skin (no sunblock) in order to make vitamin D during those months. The rest of the year you could be outside in a bikini all day and never make any vitamin D. In this instance, it would actually be accurate to say the universe is conspiring against you! Checking D level is easy and inexpensive (we don’t need an MD order in the US, but it is a blood test). Correcting vitamin D level if it’s low is also easy – use an oral vitamin D3 supplement, or take multiple trips to locales closer to the equator.

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