Hi Everyone,

I’ve made myself a Patreon account and linked to it. I have some rewards on there but I’m still going to continue writing like I usually do. Nothing will be “made to pay” or anything. I’ve always been irritated reading blogs that are supposed to be helping people and when you come to the useful information you have to pay for it.

I made the account in the hopes that I can switch from my part-time job to doing this full time – YouTube Videos, more research, writing more often, the whole bit. I’m really behind in everything I have to share. I’m just extremely limited in time with a baby, cooking, and trying not to live in a hell hole plus a part-time job. My very limited extra time is going towards work and I genuinely think I should be working more on this instead. BUT if I don’t get any subscribers, I’m still going to continue the blog haha.

With the Patreon support I might be able to:

Do YouTube videos (on recipes, experiences, etc).

Summarize scientific articles and books I’ve found useful

Finish my grocery list and make it downloadable

Write an article every couple of days

Get back to comments faster


Either way, thanks everyone for subscribing! And good luck out there in the lands of god knows what’s making you ill. (Also I had a radio podcast today that will air in January! So that’s cool).

9 thoughts on “Patreon

  1. Abigail says:

    I’m super excited to hear more from you! I am 15 days into an elimination diet, and reading your posts really encourages me. I wish you the best of luck on this!

  2. g. sartor says:

    Okay actually nevermind – I found it all just by scrolling down lol!
    But I would like to know if butter from grass fed cows is an okay oil/fat to have on the elimination diet? Thank-you – gigi

    • I’m so sensitive to dairy that even the amount in butter gives me arthritis. We’ve switched to olive oil and coconut oil completely. Grass fed butter is something a lot of people can tolerate though, so you could give that a try as a reintroduction food.

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