Scientific Article Hypothesizing EXACTLY My Hypothesis on Food Reactions

Okay, first, I don’t want to take responsibility for this hypothesis because obviously other people have come to the same conclusions. But I did come to this conclusion a couple of years ago and its suuuuper exiting to see other people writing about it.

Here‘s the link the paper, the abstract is pretty good… But if you want to read the whole thing you can go to this sneaky Russian website and download it free by putting in the URL >:)

The theory I’ve been talking about for the last couple of years in short form (and the one in the paper above):

Gliadin (one of the molecules in gluten), activates zonulin which controls the tight junctions in between cells in your gut. Tight junctions keep the cells in your intestines close together so things don’t sneak past them. I wrote a blog post about it. So put extremely simply, gluten makes your gut more permeable than it should be. This allows large molecules to escape your gut, enter your bloodstream and trigger an immune response (an IgG response). The way to figure out what foods are triggering an immune response is to do a food sensitivity test or an elimination diet (probably both).

Now there’s at least one intelligently written article out there that comes to EXACTLY the same conclusions!!! Slowly the medical community will catch on! YAY.

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