Hangover Cure

Seriously. I’ve been taking this since I was binge drinking in University, you can go to their website and look at the studies on rats. If it works on rats, it works on me.

I take 2 pills per 3 drinks. They started making a stronger formula though so I just ordered a bunch of that to test out.

If you’re in Canada: www.dhmdepot.com

Or if you’re in the states you can go here for the ones I’ve tried or here for the ones that are stronger, that I’m about to try out. Theoretically, they should work the same way but you’ll just need to take less so they’re actually cheaper.

These completely remove nausea associated with a hangover. They apparently stop liver and brain damage as well (which is especially important for women, as alcohol is particularly hard on them), give it a try! Seriously. They also have a money back guarantee on the dhmdepot.com site! Haven’t used it, but it probably works. When I started the diet, my stomach got a lot more sensitive and my hangovers got way worse. These are life-saving

Here are some studies that back the product up!

Remember the only alcohols that don’t have extra stuff added are vodka (unflavoured), bourbon, American “straight” whiseky, and silver tequila. There may be other whiskeys that don’t have colour added, but you’d have to email the company to find out.

7 thoughts on “Hangover Cure

  1. I’m not having much luck getting my hands on this stuff over here in the UK. The EU probably banned it. Looks like I’m going to have to get some shipped over. Some may think that’s too much effort just for a drink. Some may need to try 6 years without one.

    • Does dhmdepot.com ship to the UK? I can’t ship the stuff off of amazon to Canada either so I order directly from them. I just got the dycetin they offer (which is a stronger version of the stuff I used to take). I’m going to test it out Saturday. If you want to wait until Sunday to order it, I’ll let you know which one I find more effective.

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