Pregnancy and life update – Mid July (engagement!)

(I updated the chicken broth recipe and the chicken wing recipe. They’re actually even easier now!)

I got engaged!!! Andrey was amazing. He kept trying to do something big but I’m soooo pregnant and not into excitement at all. I tried to explain that hiding under my covers is exciting enough haha. He brought me out on a boat on Canada day as a surprise. It was really sweet and great planning but it looked like it was going to pour.

Can’t really plan for rain. So I casually mentioned the fact it looked like it was going to pour a number of times until he told me I was being a bit whiny. I was. But also rain.

About 3 minutes after that it poured and we got absolutely soaked in the middle of the lake. It poured for a quite a while too. It was a major rainstorm. It was pretty funny at the beginning but then I got cold and then it wasn’t funny anymore. It’s funny again now.

We’re hiding under a willow tree waiting for it to stop raining.

He had a dinner planned for afterwards but I was exhausted so we went home and slept for 2 hours and then he made me food. Which was great.

Ain’t nothing wrong with this

Then a couple of days later (July 3rd) he brought me to a deprivation tank spa and then to Brickworks in Toronto and proposed.

It was perfect. So I’m in a prettyyyyy good mood. I would recommend doing an engagement first, and getting your life in order before getting pregnant haha (is the getting your life in order first part really possible though). It would save on stress. But really what’s life without a little stress?

We went out to a fancy restaurant afterwards, Harbour 60 in Toronto which I would highly recommend. Andrey ordered while I hid in the bathroom because ordering food like a crazy person makes me nervous. “We have come here to pay lots of money but we only want to eat 4 ingredients – k thanks”.

We had a massive bone in steak, and a salad with more than one ingredient (yay avocados). And it almost looked like a normal meal! (Try ordering a steak with no steak seasoning and a side of lettuce and see what kind of looks you get anywhere). Anyways this was more than that and it was awesome.

The baby is head down and everything’s going well. I have to get up twice a night to pee and my sacroiliac joint hurts and sometimes my right leg goes kinda numb… And I’m tired and emotional (but not exhausted and depressed). My skin is 100% (cutting out all sugar seems to have solved everything), no arthritis, no weird rashes, not many actual “pregnancy symptoms”. Next time I will work out before having a baby. It’s hard on your body and I’m healthy but man am I weak. (I couldn’t start working out until my ankle got a bit better from the ankle replacement – as if that’s actually a possibility). So now all I have to do before labour is make sure all the meds I might have to be on are preservative free. I have an appointment with an anesthesiologist incase I need an emergency C-section. There are sulfite preservatives in many epidurals and multi-use vials of lidocaine. So if I need stitches, I need that lidocaine to be single use. Other than that, I’m almost ready! 4.5 more weeks.

Thanks everyone for reading the blog, and I really hope it can help people.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy and life update – Mid July (engagement!)

  1. Michelle Mongeon says:

    Thank you Mikhaila for continuing to write. Absolutely you have helped me so much. I first say you and your dad on TVOwith Steve Pakin and I’ve been trying to find out more since. I did a month or so back was eating just eggs and green vegetables and my fingers started moving on their own if you know what I mean. I wasn’t irritated with my boyfriend like I usually am for no real reason. I was patient and he didn’t irritate me. But I didn’t really know how to eat so I ate even gluten free bread. But I now had found your web site and now since you posted what to eat I can follow it. I. Hopeful because I did see a difference in just a short period of time! What is it about gluten or grains that wreak havoc on some people and others don’t seem to be bothered by it? Any way Mikhaila I know you have alot to do right now like have a baby! So I wish you a great delivery…… And congratulate you and yours once again……. Take care…. All the best….. Michelle

    • I have no idea why some people seem to be able to handle grains better than others. My guess is it’s microbiome (and who knows exactly how that’s formed), and genetics. My brother can handle grains -I still think he shouldn’t eat them- and has no health problems. But the rest of my family can’t. Who knows. I also think with some people the problems don’t show up until middle age. For some reason some people are prone to damage from certain foods, maybe one day the medical community will tell us why.

  2. Luige Een says:

    Glad you spread the word about connection between the digestion and depression. Your own experience is such a great example, and even if everybody’s digestive system is different, I’m sure your approach was wise and is worth trying. The fact that doctors didn’t figure it out in more than ten years time says a lot about western medicine and its’ failures.

    I’ve seen improvements when eliminating gluten from my kids’ diet, but we occasionaly still eat rye (a cultural thing – I grew up with sourdough rye bread). I guess rye (unless made on proper slow sourdough?) isn’t much better than wheat?
    Also – best of luck with your pregnancy, if you haven’t had the baby already!:)
    I’d rely only on myself – not on medicines nor doctors – and everything will go well! I’m saying that because hospitals are scary to me – the way they treat you as a “patient” who has not much to say, but obey the authorities. The worst thing is how things will be hurried up, and cause lots and lots of unnecessary interventions. But giving birth isn’t a race, it’s a beautiful process that has to take the time it needs (usually the more people in the room – especially strangers – the longer time it will take).
    Anyways, be strong! So exciting, soon you’ll have a beautiful baby in your arms!

    • Couldn’t agree more, I just wrote a post on my labour and birth (it was at home) and it was perfect. Unfortunately rye is just as bad as wheat, but I can understand the hesitation to get rid of it completely. There isn’t much better than sourdough bread.

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